Updated 2015 World Series Betting Odds

Updated World Series 2014 Odds – Dodgers, Cards Holding Lead In NL

The season may be in its infant stages but it’s never a bad time to see what the oddsmakers are doing with the updated World Series 2014 odds. The Dodgers and Tigers are the two favorites overall, while the oddsmakers have built in some puzzling insulation on two major market teams. Let’s take a look.

Updated 2014 World Series Odds

The Los Angeles Dodgers are at +500 to win the 2014 World Series

The Dodgers have a stacked team with a potential superstar in Yasiel Puig who is criticized far too much for enjoying his sudden rise to prominence by the old farts of baseball. I like a lot of things about the Dodgers as a baseball fan, but as a gambler they’re just a headache. The public backing on this team creates a maelstrom of overvalue, and the updated World Series 2014 odds have gone from 6-to-1 to 5-to-1. There’ just no intrinsic value here with the hwole universe piling on the favorite. The other thing is that the preseason World Series favorite hasn’t won the title in over a decade.

The Detroit Tigers are at +700 to win the 2014 World Series Odds

If there’s any favorite worth backing, it’s Detroit. They have a long road ahead of them to be sure, but they’re also the best team in the majors on paper and they have the most recent success of any club across the board. So bet the Tigers if you like a ride that will usually get to October without question. From there, it’s a toss-up. I mean, it’s April for goodness sakes. But Detroit, as always, is a staunch and steady play to take in the updated World Series 2014 odds.

St. Louis Cardinals (+800 World Series Odds)

The Cardinals have gotten off to a sluggish start but everything should be fine by the time the end of the season comes along. Like Detroit in the American League, St. Louis has been the most consistent team in the National League having won the World Series in 2011, lost in the NLCS in 2012 and losing in the World Series last season. They’re a safe investment if you prefer the NL over the AL.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees both comin at +1000

The defending world champions roared to a very unexpected World Series win, and to put these odds in to perspective you have to keep in mind that Boston shares the same long term number as the New York Yankees. There’s always a reason to take a flier on a longshot, but the oddsmakers are insulating themselves from some of the major market public teams that have an uncanny ability to overcome the odds.

Boston and New York are more realistically in the +3500 range to be fully honest. Lowering them both to 10-to-1 tells you that the oddsmakers just don’t feel like getting run over by a stampede if either of them get their acts together, which both clubs can do at any given moment. In other words, there’s better value at this point in the season elsewhere on the board.

Tampa Bay Rays (+1300)

There’s nothing I can say about Tampa that you don’t already know. Nerds love them, geeks can’t get enough of these guys but the Rays “just don’t do it” for baseball purists. Tampa’s exceptional personnel management, coaching and execution almost always keeps them in the hunt, but the issue has always been getting over the hump in the playoffs. For all of their success, Tampa has yet to hoist a banner and has only made it past the ALDS once in four attempts since they went to the World Series in 2008 and lost.

Who is the best longshot to win the 2014 World Series? The Milwaukee Brewers at +5000.

We haven’t even hit May yet so I’m not saying that you should go buck wild on the Brewers with your wallet, but they’re worth keeping an eye on. There are a ton of midplays on the board in the +2000 to +4000 range. A real long shot, for me, has always started at 50-to-1. Despite how you feel about Adam Braun, there’s lots to like here. So far they’ve been amazing on the road, which is a huge bonus if that holds up long term, and they have the best team defense in their league. Playing in the NL Central also gives a decent advantage because there’s no telling how good any of the other clubs are going to be over the long haul. Right now, if you have fifty bucks kicking around that you want to spend somewhere fun, it might be time to give Milwaukee’s updated World Series 2014 odds a look.

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