Updated 2015 World Series Betting Odds

Updated World Series Betting Odds

If you’re up to your eyeballs in World Cup soccer and you’re getting ready to turn more of your attention to the great American pastime, then you should know that the 2014 MLB regular season is heating up in a big way as the annual all-star break approaches.

With that thought in mind – and the MLB Futures odds to win the 2014 World Series in a state of almost constant fluctuation – you need to know just which teams are offering up the best odds – and which teams actually stand the best chance of cashing in on them.

This expert look at the latest and greatest MLB World Series Futures odds will give you the information you’ll need in order to make the most out of all your MLB wagers over the course of the second half of the regular season.

Odds To Win The 2014 World Series 

Odds On Favorites To Win the World Series

Oakland Athletics 6/1 (13/2) Now 5/1
The A’s have the best record in all of baseball, (58-35) thanks to their top-ranked pitching staff. This team also leads all of baseball in bringing home the bacon (+1,438).

Detroit Tigers 13/2 (6/1) Now 6/1
The Tigers are a legitimate title contender again this season thanks to their second-ranked hitting. Unfortunately, they’re ranked just 23rd in team ERA, though Justin Verlander and company could always dial it up a notch the closer the Tigers get to the postseason.

Los Angeles Dodgers 11/2 (15/2) Now 6/1
The Dodgers have better odds than the division-leading Giants, which is a bit surprising. Still, L.A. is ranked seventh in team ERA (3.36) and an identical seventh in team batting average.

San Francisco Giants 10/1 (15/2) 
The Giants are eighth in team ERA but just 23rd in runs per game (3.88) and team batting average, so they’re going to need more offense moving forward.

Los Angeles Angels 10/1 Now 9/1
The Angels have some of baseball’s best bats in all of baseball with Albert Pujols, Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton in the lineup. L.A. is averaging a whopping 5.03 runs per game to lead all of baseball in scoring. Heck, even the team’s generally shoddy pitching staff isn’t doing so bad as they are currently eighth in team ERA (3.82).

Baltimore Orioles 28/1 Now 16/1
The streaking Orioles have won eight of their L/10 games and sit atop the competitive AL East right now. Baltimore also has an outstanding offense that ranks seventh in runs per game (4.37) and second in home runs (113). Still, the O’s pitching staff could use a touch of an upgrade right now as they rank a mediocre 17th in team ERA (3.86).

Washington Nationals 10/1 (9/1) Now 10/1
The Nats are tied with Atlanta for first place in the NL East but their numbers don’t look very appealing at this point as they rank 20th in team batting average and 16th in runs per game. The good news is that Washington’s pitching has been stupendous all season long as they rank second in all of baseball in team ERA (3.11).

St. Louis Cardinals 12/1 Now 12/1
It doesn’t matter who’s at the helm for the St. Louis Cardinals as this franchise just knows how to produce and nurture their farm talent better than any team in baseball outside of the Oakland A’s. The Cards are ranked a stellar sixth in team ERA (3.35), but their offense needs a shot in the arm as they rank a dismal 28th in runs per game and 29th in home runs.

Toronto Blue Jays 12/1 (11/1) Now 16/1
The Blue Jays have hit the most home runs in the majors so far (116) and they’re ranked fifth in runs per game (4.55). Unfortunately, Toronto’s pitching staff isn’t very good, ranking 24th in team ERA right now.

Can They Win The World Series?

  • Milwaukee Brewers 12/1 Now 14/1
  • Atlanta Braves 18/1 Now 16/1
  • Kansas City Royals 33/1 Now 40/1
  • Boston Red Sox 33/1 Now 50/1
  • Seattle Mariners 25/1 (33/1) Now 25/1
  • Cincinnati Reds 25/1 (33/1) Now 25/1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 33/1 (40/1) Now 28/1
  • New York Yankees 20/1 Now 20/1

Analysis: The Brewers have dropped six straight at the time of this writing while Boston has won three in a row. The Kansas City Royals have dropped two straight. Out of this group, I like the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves the best.

Despite being in third place in the NL Central, Cincinnati is one of just one of a dozen teams to have reached the 50-win plateau. The Reds are ranked a fantastic ninth in team ERA (3.45) and have gone 7-3 over their last 10 games. Cincy does need a bit more offense as they are ranked 21st in runs per game and 19th in team batting average.

Who Are The MLB World Series Long Shots?

  • Cleveland Indians 66/1 (50/1) Now 66/1
  • Miami Marlins 150/1 (100/1) Now 150/1
  • Texas Rangers 100/1 Now 250/1
  • Colorado Rockies 200/1 (150/1) Now 500/1
  • Minnesota Twins 200/1 (150/1) Now 500/1
  • New York Mets 200/1 (150/1) 
  • Philadelphia Phillies 200/1 (150/1) 
  • Chicago White Sox 125/1 (200/1) 
  • Tampa Bay Rays 100/1 (200/1) 
  • Chicago Cubs 300/1 Now 500/1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 500/1 
  • Houston Astros 500/1 Now 1000/1
  • San Diego Padres 500/1 Now 500/1

Analysis: Every team in this section currently has a losing record except the Cleveland Indians who currently sit at 46-46. The Tribe are ranked sixth in runs per game and 10th in team batting average, but their pitching staff has been mostly horrendous, ranking 21st in team ERA (3.95) and 25th in quality starts.

My Pick: My pick right now to win the 2014 World Series is the Oakland A’s. The Athletics are well-coached and have a plethora of mostly homegrown talent at every position.

In the National League, I like both, the Giants and Dodgers a lot right now and believe one of the two will represent the National league in this year’s Fall Classic.

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