Everything You Need To Know About Betting the 2020 MLB Season

What You Need To Know About Betting the 2020 MLB Season

On June 23, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the 2020 MLB Season would start on either July 23 or 24. Per Manfred, the league would play a 60 game season that ends on September 27.

What You Need To Know About Betting the 2020 MLB Season

What is Major League Baseball’s plan?

On March 26, the MLB Players Association and Major League Baseball made an agreement that stated MLB could impose a 60-game schedule. That’s what happened after neither side could come to a consensus on how to start the season.

Players will report to training camps by July 1. The baseball league came out with a manual that, among other things, includes the following.

Teams will play divisional opponents 10 times. They’ll play the other 20 games against interleague opponents in their region. For example, the Dodgers will play the Angels and Oakland Athletics.

  • If a game goes to extra innings, teams start with a runner on second base.
  • August 31 is the new trade deadline
  • Rosters go from 30 to start the season, to 28 after the first couple of weeks, to 26 after a month.
  • Teams can have up to 60 players available to participate due to coronavirus positive cases, or injury.
  • There will be a specific Covid-19 injury list. There will be no minimum or maximum days players can spend on the coronavirus injury list.

2020 MLB Season Betting Tips

It’s difficult to know how teams will respond to the new rules. Players didn’t want this deal. They fought hard for a separate deal.

Unfortunately for them, Manfred had to decide to either shut down the season for the entire year or put a plan in place and start in July. One good thing about the plan is that teams mustn’t travel far for games.

That should, in theory, help the very best players stay sharp. That goes for batters and pitchers.

Pitchers, though, will have a much tougher time of it. As sports bettors, we should think about playing over totals for at least the first couple of days.

Then, we can adjust. The Top 5 hitting teams were the Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Colorado Rockies. Colorado and Boston seem safe if you like overs. If you like unders, pay attention to pitching matchups when the Stros, Twins, and Yankees play. New York has an awesome bullpen. So, like the Dodgers, there’s no guarantee that overs hit in Yankee games even though they’re strong at the plate.

When it comes to moneyline wagers, be careful about backing any underlay odds team. Remember, we won’t have a full spring training to digest. Nor will we have the luxury of seeing how teams fare in the first quarter of a 162-game season. That means we must take our time before dumping on a squad at, say, -200 to beat an underdog.

It might be wise to lay off betting run lines until at least the first 5 days are in the books.

2020 World Series Futures

The Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are favored. There’s a huge gap after the Dodgers and Yankees.

Do either offer fair odds? On one hand, it’s difficult to say “yes” because we don’t know how either team will play. On the other hand, the Dodgers and Yankees mustn’t travel.

That means they should have enough in the tank after 60 games to be at their best in the playoffs.

After LAD and NYY, it’s difficult to find a team that can challenge for the World Series. The Astros, maybe, but the Stros were caught cheating after last season. Who knows if they’re anywhere near as good as they’ve been the past couple of seasons?

Maybe, it was all smoke and mirrors. Because there are just 60 regular-season games, this may be one of those years where we should look to back a favorite to win the Fall Classic.

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