World Series Odds & Picks At The All-Star Break

World Series Odds & Picks At The All-Star Break

Welcome to the All-Star break in the 2018 MLB season. This is a perfect time to update everyone with the lastest World Series odds and the top picks on who will be left standing when the dust settles in October.

World Series Odds & Picks At The All-Star Break

  • Boston Red Sox +445
  • Houston Astros +480
  • New York Yankees +552
  • Chicago Cubs +700
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +895
  • Cleveland Indians +1275
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1375
  • Philadelphia Phillies +1435
  • Atlanta Braves +1600
  • Seattle Mariners +1650
  • Washington Nationals +1700
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +1800
  • San Francisco Giants +4500
  • St. Louis Cardinals +4750
  • Colorado Rockies +6600
  • Oakland Athletics +7250
  • Los Angeles Angels +22500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +100000
  • Minnesota Twins +100000
  • New York Mets +100000
  • Detroit Tigers +150000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +150000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +200000
  • Cincinnati Reds +250000
  • San Diego Padres +300000
  • Texas Rangers +500000
  • Miami Marlins +500000
  • Kansas City Royals +999999
  • Baltimore Orioles +999999
  • Chicago White Sox +999999

The World Series Betting Favorite:  Boston Red Sox +445

On paper, only one other team, the Houston Astros, compare to the Boston Red Sox. The starting rotation is solid:  Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, David Price, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Hector Velasquez. The starting 5 is so talented that Rodriguez is 11 and 3 while Velasquez is 6 and 0.

Boston can also hit. The Red Sox have 5 players in their line-up that hit .278 or better:  Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Andrew Benintendi, Brock Holt, Xander Boegarts, and Mitch Moreland. So, we’ve got a team in the Boston Red Sox that pitches lights out and hits about as well, if not better, than any team in MLB.

Ah, but this is the regular season. Once the playoffs start, things can change dramatically. The Red Sox could continue to excel, or they could fall apart. The 5 to 1 odds make the Red Sox an underlay.

The Smart World Series Pick:  L.A. Dodgers +895

The 2018 World Series odds on the L.A. Dodgers have dropped significantly from late April when the Arizona Diamondbacks appeared to be running away with the NL West Division. As of July 15, the Dodgers are half a game ahead of the D’Backs.

L.A. is getting more love because the pitching hasn’t yet come together. Signs have appeared that it’s only a matter of time. The Dodgers are 4 and 1 straight up in Clayton Kershaw’s last 5 starts.

The Dodgers sure look like a great second half team. Ignore at your own peril.

The Longshot Pick:  Seattle Mariners +1650

Nobody saw this coming. Seattle was projected to possibly finish ahead of the Rangers in the AL West. But, ahead of the Angels? Seattle has a 58 and 39 record, which means if they don’t catch the Astros, they’ll still most likely make the playoffs.

But can the Mariners win the World Series?

They have the tools to make a run. Wade LeBlance has been a revelation. He’s 5 and 1. What’s scary is that Seattle is winning with their ace, Felix Hernandez, having a bad season so far. If King Felix gets it together, watch out.

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