World Series Odds & Picks

World Series Odds & Picks

World Series Odds & Picks

This past week, big changes occurred with the 2017 World Series odds. Cleveland and the L.A. Dodgers pretty much-flipped odds while Washington and the Chicago Cubs hover around 7 to 1 and 8 to 1.

Cleveland is now the favorite to take home the Fall Classic. Keep reading to find out why Cleveland is such a big favorite to win come October. Also, check out my smart pick and longshot picks to win the 2017 World Series.

World Series Odds & Picks

2017 Odds-On Favorite To Win The World Series:  Cleveland 9/4

Why are World Series handicappers all over Cleveland? The Tribe won 22 games in a row. It was a new AL record. What’s scary about Cleveland is that their bullpen has once again become the very best in Major League Baseball.

Soon to be 2017 AL Cy Young winner Corey Kluber appears to be getting stronger the later we get into the current MLB Season. Kluber’s not the only strong pitcher in Cleveland’s line-up. The Tribe has every reason to be the strong favorites to win the World Series.

Unfortunately, their 9/4 betting odds make them a serious underlay. I must pass.

The Smart Pick To Win The World Series:  L.A. Dodgers 5/2

The Dodgers had lost 16 out of 17 before winning 4 out of their last 5. At odds of 2.75 to 1, which is what LAD was going off at before this week, the Dodgers were a terrible bet. At 5/2, the Dodgers are a great bet.

What we can’t forget is that LAD was being hyped as the greatest baseball team of all time only 3 weeks ago. The losing streak doesn’t worry me. If anything, the Dodgers got it out of the way. What’s more important to realize is that the Dodgers 4 out of 5 wins as of Sep. 17 have arrived with their 4 best pitchers on the mound:  Clayton Kershaw, 5 to 3 over San Francisco, Yu Darvish, 4 to 1 over San Francisco, Alex Wood, 7 to 0 over Washington, and Rich Hill, 3 to 2 over Washington.

The Dodgers are set for a fantastic MLB postseason.

The Longshot Pick: Chicago Cubs 8/1

The Chicago Cubs offer excellent odds considering what they accomplished last week. The Cubbies swept the rival St. Louis Cardinals. To me, that was more important than anything they’ve probably done all season long.

Sweeping the Cardinals tells me that Chicago is peaking. We know what the Cubs can do when the rotation gets it together. Beating St. Louis 8 to 2, 4 to 1 and 4 to 3 means the rotation has gotten it together.

I think the Cubs are worth a long look to repeat.