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Bet Against These MLB Teams Based On The Betting Trends

Baseball is all about stats. All sports use stats but in baseball, a game that counts mistakes, stats are everything. That’s why it’s easy to see betting trends in baseball. Some betting trends point to teams that are profitable for MLB bettors. Other trends, like what’s shown in this article, point to teams that are bound to lose bettors money. Keep reading for the LEAST profitable MLB teams to bet on so far in the 2016 season.

Bet Against These MLB Teams Based On The Betting Trends

Reds   -$1755  – At 16 and 34 as of May 30, the Reds are definitely the team to bet against in the sportsbook. Cincinnati doesn’t appear to have much going for it on any level. The Reds have lost 15 out of their last 17 games as of May 30. This includes a losing streak of 11 in a row where they were swept by the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Dodgers. That’s bad.

Cincinnati’s bullpen is ranked last in MLB. The bullpen has a 6.45 ERA.  It’s 8 and 14 on the season. When you’re starting rotation isn’t very good either, you’re bound to lose a lot of games. That’s what the Reds have done.  

Twins  -$1484 – Minnesota was supposed to be a sneaky good team in the AL Central this season. Nope. The Twins bullpen has an ERA of 4.53. That ranks the Twins bullpen 27th in Major League Baseball. The bullpen is also 7 and 12. What’s sad is that if the Twins had a better starting rotation and were better at the plate, Minnesota might win more games. The Twins bullpen has only thrown 56 balls compared to 171 strikes.
Minnesota averages only 3.78 runs per game. The Twins’ OPS is .688. Twin starting pitchers have only 19 quality starts on the season. That ranks 27th.    

Braves  -$1376 – The Atlanta Braves figure to be as bad of a bet as the Twins and Reds on any given day. The difference is that the Braves can surprise you once in a while. For example, Atlanta beat Miami 4 to 2 and 7 to 2 on May 27 and May 28. Atlanta’s biggest issue is its lack of offense. The overall team ERA of 4.36 isn’t great but it’s not horrible. But Atlanta’s best hitter, Freddie Freeman, only bats .255. He’s hit 8 home runs on the season. He leads the Braves in both batting average and home runs. When you’re best hitter is at .255, you’ve got some problems.

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