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2017 NBA Title Odds & Picks

With the All-Star game and trade deadline firmly behind us in the 2016-17 NBA regular season, basketball betting enthusiasts everywhere need to know which teams are offering the most value as far as their chances of winning this season’s NBA championship is concerned.

2017 NBA Title Odds & Picks

Thanks to this look at the latest odds to win the 2017 NBA championship, you’re going to have a great idea of just which teams could win it all this season. Now, let’s get started.

The Odds-On Favorite To Win The 2017 NBA Championship Golden State Warriors 1/2

Not only did the Golden State Warriors (50-10) lose to the Washington Wizards 112-108 on Tuesday night, but the Dubs saw superstar forward Kevin Durant get lost for at least a month after suffering a sprained MLC and bone bruise after teammate Zaza Pachulia fell into his leg.

Now, the Dubs have seen their NBA Championship odds take a hit as they are now a 1/2 pick (-200) to win it all after opening the week as a 4/7 (-175) selection.

Still, the Warriors remain the prohibitive favorites in the eyes of oddsmakers everywhere and I say rightfully so after watching them win their previous four games and blitz the Los Angeles Clippers last Thursday night while unleashing the first 50-point quarter in the league in two decades.

The Smart Bet To Win The 2017 NBA Championship – Golden State Warriors 1/2

Not only are the Dubs the favorites, but they’re also the smart pick for me as well.

I know LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavilers won’t just roll over for the Dubs when they meet in this season’s NBA Finals, but I believe the Warriors simply have too much offensive firepower in the form of their quartet of all-stars and a still terrific cast of role players around them.

Golden State’s two meetings against the Cavs this season are quite telling with the Dubs basically pounding the Cavs on Christmas day before uncharacteristically giving up a 13-point fourth quarter lead in what would become a 109-108 road loss. However, Golden State’s 126-91 blowout of Cleveland on Jan. 16 was so thoroughly dominating that it caused LeBron James to go into a month-long ‘crying spell’ about needing more help.

Some people think the Warriors are soft with a bunch of talent and no heart and that could very well be the case. We’ll find out soon enough whether the Dubs can be ‘punked’ by the Cavs for the second straight season after their now historic collapse after being up 3-1 in last season’s NBA Finals.

The Value Pick To Win The 2017 NBA Championship – Houston Rockets 20/1

James Harden and the Houston Rockets (42-19) have improved to a 20/1 pick after acquiring sweet-shooting guard Lou Williams from the Lakers last week. For me, Harden and the explosive Rockets represent the best chance of any team in the league of upsetting Kevin Durant and the Warriors, if only because they can score the ball like nobody’s business. The Rockets rank second to Golden State in scoring by putting up a whopping 115.0 points per game. I know Houston ranks just 24th in defense (108.4 ppg), but again, the Rockets can simply outscore jus about every team in the league besides the Dubs. Case in point…Houston has scored at least 121 points five times over their last 10 games.

The Longshot To Win The 2017 NBA Championship – Washington Wizards 60/1

I’ve got a funny feeling that John Wall and the Wizards are sick and tired of underachieving and are finally ready to live up to their vast potential – and I wrote this before Washington’s impressive 112-108 win over Golden State on Tuesday night. The Wizards rank a solid ninth in scoring (107.9 ppg) and respectable 15th in points allowed (105.5 ppg) and have four players averaging at least 14.0 points per game in John Wall (22.7 ppg), Bradley Beal (22.6 ppg), Markieff Morris (14.8 ppg) and the blossoming Otto Porter (14.3 ppg). The Wizards have got plenty of attitude and absolutely no fear, thanks mostly to the mentality of John Wall.

2017 NBA Title Odds
Golden State Warriors 3-2 2-1
Cleveland Cavaliers 5-2 2-1
San Antonio Spurs 6-1 7
LA Clippers 16-1 25
Boston Celtics 20-1 20
Houston Rockets 60-1 20
Toronto Raptors 25-1 40
Oklahoma City Thunder 8-1 100
Milwaukee Bucks 100-1 200
Utah Jazz 80-1 100
Memphis Grizzlies 80-1 100
Chicago Bulls 40-1 200
Atlanta Hawks 40-1 200
Washington Wizards 100-1 60
Indiana Pacers 100-1 200
Charlotte Hornets 80-1 200
Detroit Pistons 100-1 500
New York Knicks 100-1 300
Portland Trail Blazers 60-1 500
Denver Nuggets 100-1 1000
Sacramento Kings 100-1 1000
Orlando Magic 100-1 1000
New Orleans Pelicans 60-1 1000
Minnesota Timberwolves 60-1 1000
Philadelphia 76ers 100-1 1000
Dallas Mavericks 100-1 5000
Phoenix Suns 300-1 9999
Brooklyn Nets 500-1 9999
Los Angeles Lakers 100-1 9999
Miami Heat 25-1 500
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