Early 2017 NBA Championship Picks

Early 2017 NBA Championship Picks

Early 2017 NBA Championship Picks

Most NBA bettors are already looking to make future bets on the 2017 NBA Championship. Why not? It’s unlikely that there are going to be huge, massive, changes for any team from now until the season starts.

A Closer Look At My Early 2017 NBA Championship Picks

Golden State is a huge 2/3 favorite to win the championship. Are the Warriors worth taking at such low odds?  If not the Warriors, what team sets up as the smart bet to win the 2017 NBA Championship? Is there a longshot bet worth considering in the NBA title field?

The Odds-On Favorite To Win The 2017 NBA Championship: Golden State Warriors 2/3

Signing Kevin Durant was a coup, no doubt. But the Warriors didn’t lose in the NBA Finals because of their lack of 3-point shooting. Golden State lost to the Cavaliers because they couldn’t stop Tristan Thompson from killing them on the boards. I’m just not sure how much Durant helps the highest-scoring team in the NBA with their lack of paint presence. The fact that in order to sign Durant the Warriors had to part with both Festus Ezeli and Andrew Bogut could be a problem for them. Where is the inside play coming from?  Anderson Varejao?  Zaza Pachulia? Damian Jones? I don’t know. Under even money odds are awfully low for a team that doesn’t have a great inside presence.   

The Smart Pick To Win The 2017 NBA Championship: Cleveland Cavaliers 5/2

The Cavaliers didn’t make too many changes. The key players are still with Cleveland. Now that LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have won a championship playing together, it’s hard to see how they don’t take that momentum and ride it to another title. The odds difference between the Cavs and the Warriors is what’s startling to me. Cleveland is a 5/2 shot while Golden State is a 2/3 shot?  Something isn’t right about that. I suppose, with Durant everyone believes that the Warriors will be even better than they were last season. As I wrote above, I’m not sure if that will be the case. The Cavaliers will definitely get better because coach Tyronn Lue has an entire off-season to prepare his team.

The Longshot Betting Pick To Win The 2017 NBA Championship: Boston Celtics 20/1

The Celtics pulled off a coup by signing top center Al Horford. Horford is going to love playing for Brad Stevens while the Celtics can now use Kelly Olynyk and Jae Crowder differently than just having those guys man the paint. Marcus Smart should be healthy while Isaiah Thomas proved to be one of the more capable point-guards in the NBA last season. I love picking Jaylen Brown in Round 1. Brown needs to work on his jump shot, but he’s already one of the most athletic to the basket players in the NBA. The Celtics might be the only team that has a shot at upsetting Cleveland and Golden State.

Odds are current as of July 25.

2017 NBA Title Odds
Golden State Warriors 3-2 2-3
Cleveland Cavaliers 5-2 5-2
San Antonio Spurs 6-1 7
Los Angeles Clippers 16-1 20
Boston Celtics 20-1 20
Oklahoma City Thunder 8-1 30
Toronto Raptors 25-1 40
Minnesota Timberwolves 60-1 80
New Orleans Pelicans 60-1 80
Atlanta Hawks 40-1 80
Portland Trail Blazers 60-1 80
Utah Jazz 80-1 80
Chicago Bulls 40-1 80
Miami Heat 25-1 100
Houston Rockets 60-1 100
New York Knicks 100-1 100
Memphis Grizzlies 80-1 100
Indiana Pacers 100-1 100
Detroit Pistons 100-1 100
Washington Wizards 100-1 100
Milwaukee Bucks 100-1 100
Orlando Magic 100-1 100
Philadelphia 76ers 100-1 300
Charlotte Hornets 80-1 300
Los Angeles Lakers 100-1 300
Dallas Mavericks 100-1 300
Sacramento Kings 100-1 300
Denver Nuggets 100-1 300
Phoenix Suns 300-1 1000
Brooklyn Nets 500-1 1000


2016-17 NBA Eastern Conf. Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers 1-2 1-4
Boston Celtics 8-1 8
Toronto Raptors 8-1 12
Atlanta Hawks 17-1 25
Chicago Bulls 17-1 25
Miami Heat 8-1 40
New York Knicks 35-1 40
Indiana Pacers 35-1 40
Detroit Pistons 35-1 40
Washington Wizards 35-1 40
Milwaukee Bucks 35-1 40
Orlando Magic 35-1 40
Philadelphia 76ers 35-1 100
Charlotte Hornets 25-1 100
Brooklyn Nets 200-1 500


2016-17 NBA Western Conf. Odds
Golden State Warriors 10-11 1-4
San Antonio Spurs 3-1 4
Los Angeles Clippers 8-1 12
Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 20
Portland Trail Blazers 30-1 35
Minnesota Timberwolves 30-1 50
New Orleans Pelicans 30-1 50
Utah Jazz 40-1 50
Houston Rockets 30-1 60
Memphis Grizzlies 40-1 60
Los Angeles Lakers 50-1 200
Dallas Mavericks 50-1 200
Sacramento Kings 50-1 200
Denver Nuggets 50-1 200
Phoenix Suns 150-1 600