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NBA All-Star Game Betting Options & Picks

If recent history has served as any indication, taking the West and the OVER seem to be the best NBA All-Star Game betting options. The West is 4-1 SU in the last 5 meetings with the East and the game has crested the 250+ point mark in every single occasion. They literally can’t set the TOTAL for this game high enough.

2014 NBA All Star Game
The East and the West meet in the 2014 Edition of the NBA All Stars game this Sunday, with coverage by TNT.
Starts: 02/16/2014 8:00PM
Smoothie King Center, 1501 Girod Street
New Orleans, Louisiana


Choosing which side to take is always a matter of personal preference. The last four games have been decided by a point differential of just +3.8 points, so a tight line is going to favor both sides. You can either root for the conference your favorite team plays in, or you can root for your favorite player.

One thing I will advise when you’re looking for the best NBA All-Star Game betting options and picks is to not take this seriously. You know how you spread a lot bunch of spare change around at the Super Bowl? That’s the same way you should approach this fun filled weekend. The Three-Point Contest, the MVP awards, the Slam Dunk bonanza (which should be awesome this year) and the Skills Competition are all enjoyable chip-shot bets. You can spread $100 around easily over the weekend and have a good time with it. This shouldn’t be a moment where you’re trying to cash in heavily on a bet.

Deciding which side is better comes down to whether you prefer Kevin Durant or LeBron James. The West blatantly looks better on paper. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin will be backed by a deep bench that includes James Harden, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Paul (who is the most likely to slide in to a starting gig in place of Kobe Bryant who remains injured).

The East boasts a star studded cast, but doesn’t have a bench as solid as the West’s. Carmelo, Paul George, LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Dwayne Wade will start while Chris Bosh, DeMar DeRozan, Roy Hibbert and John Wall feature as the big players off the pine. The combination of George and LeBron will be enticing to watch since they’re emerging as huge in-conference rivals.

Lately this game has become a bit of an ego trip for the guys in their prime, and I mean that in a complimentary way. George and James combining forces could be enough to turn an exhibition game in to a high-scoring war between the two sides, especially if Kevin Durant responds by taking over this game. If any of those three guys start putting in a serious effort, this game could be far more exciting than most anticipate it to be.

I slightly prefer the West simply because they have the type of players that can take advantage of a matchup that doesn’t have any sort of defense. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combining for dunks while Curry’s lobbing up long range shots, combined with Durant going bananas make them a more enticing play overall. Just ensure that you’re not heavily invested financially. The players can take this game serious if they want to, but that doesn’t mean you have to risk a ton. Just get in on the action. The safest NBA All-Star game betting option will be the OVER, just as I suggested earlier.

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