NBA - Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics

When Bad Teams Collide

At least the Celtics won´t have to worry about being the team that ended the 76ers incredible losing streak as that was taken care of last week. In this third game between the two bottom teams of the League, the series is tied at a game apiece. Philadelphia has the chance to get some kind of wind back under their short wings because of their rebounding ability compared to the Celtics lack there off.

NBA – Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics
The Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics battle on the hard-court this Friday in the NBA.
Starts: 04/04/2014 7:30PM
TD Garden, 100 Legends Way


Philly knows that they are the team with nothing to lose, the only thing going around in other teams minds is they hope there not the ones that gives the 76ers a win. Knowing also that most of their opportunities will change over this summer, playing hard is only beneficial to them in their hunt to be traded to a contender or a place they want to play. Look for this team to really push things under the rim for every loose ball and show that intensity that we have seen all week long.

Boston is a shell of who they were… yet again! Yes we are back to those dreaded days that the Celtics are no good, this couch has no experience and I don’t see him getting the respect Rivers demanded when he was on the bench. Boston is the franchise with the most wins in NBA history but they have only had glimpses since the 80´s. They need to play a much more physical game along with Sullinger backing himself seen and felt under the rim in this one.

Pick: As bad as Philly has been this season, I see a flam in their players eyes, I see them wanting to be better and show off their skills to other teams. A fire that I have not seen in the Celtics since it was made public that Pierce and KG were gone. Take the 76ers in this one, I see another win.

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