NBA Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics

Battle of the bad and the worst

The good news is that after this game, one of the two teams will have a win on their record; the bad news is it might not be the Celtics. After opening the season and blowing a 21 point lead with only 8 minutes left in the game the Boston Celtics and rookie head coach are stunned, given the roster they still have it´s enough to be competitive and score. The Jazz are in that same boat of winless teams, they have gotten close and they seem to hang into games better then the Celtics do but they have not been able to get that elusive win at the end of the rainbow.

Utah Jazz vs. Boston Celtics
The Utah Jazz face the Boston Celtics in Wednesday night NBA action.
Starts: 11/06/2013 7:30PM
Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, US, 11217
Brooklyn, New York


Boston has a cast of players that other teams would die to have, a great mix of veteran leaders and young, fast rookies excited to play. The good part of this story is that they are rebounding better then they have in the last three seasons but unfortunately they are still losing, shooting only 46% at best from the field. They need to turn this around and they need their offensive game to pick up, scoring will help them build confidence for the defensive side.

Utah has some great young players that look to really make the right changes to boost the quickness of the team but they have problems rebounding, cannot trap correctly without fouling and their help defense is just gone out the window. The Jazz have to play through their post and attack the Celtics rookie center, get him to make errors and pick up some fouls pushing to the bench early will allow them more space to work with down low.

What to expect:

The Celtics are actually favored by 2 points in this one when it opened at a pick, this is not a game that either fan will really want to watch because if your teams losses it will have been to the second worse team in the east. I think that Boston finds a way to get it done and make this a positive outcome so take the Celtics for their game.

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