NBA Best Bets All Star Week

Should You Bet On Kobe To Win His Last NBA Game?

NBA Best Bets All Star Week

Oklahoma City and Golden State put on a show this past Saturday night. I almost hit OKC as a big time long shot in the sports book. But, the brilliance of Golden State was just too much for the Thunder.

The NBA All-Star Break is this weekend. Excellent games on which to bet on the money line will be hard to come by. Below are my picks against the spread for this week. Every team that I pick is on television this week. I’ve listed the channel in which the game will be aired.  Good luck!

A Closer Look At The NBA Best Bets All Star Week

Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland
When: Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 8:00 pm ET

The Lakers have no shot of winning this game. What I’ve noticed after watching Laker games is that Kobe, because this is his last season and he knows the chances of making a playoff run is zero, has been trying to go off in games where there is a lot of interest. People are going to watch this game to see how Kobe does versus LeBron in Cleveland. The Kobester is likely to shoot the ball at least 30 times in this matchup. Don’t be surprised if he shoots it 40 times.  Kobe’s shooting percentage should be somewhere around 34% or less. Cleveland could sit LeBron, they won’t, but they could, and still beat the Lakers by at least 20. I’m expecting Cleveland to win this matchup by at least 25 to 30.

Pick: Cleveland

Houston at Portland
When: Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 10:30 pm ET

Portland just manhandled Houston 96 to 79 on Feb. 6 in an away game as a +5 point dog. The Trailblazers are out scoring teams. The defense isn’t that great. But, with a point-guard like Damian Lilliard, it’s hard to beat the Blazers because Liliard does a great job at setting up his teammates. Unless you provide great defense, the Blazers could catch you napping.

They did that to Houston in the last battle between these two. Lilliard out played James Harden even though Harden had more points, 33 to 21, than Lilliard had. Harden committed 10 turnovers to 2 steals while Lilliard committed 4 turnovers to 1 steal. Not for nothing but once you get involved with a Kardashian do thing always go south? I think Portland rocks Houston again.  

Pick: Houston

New Orleans at Oklahoma City
When: Thursday, Feb. 11 at 8:00 pm ET

Oklahoma City played very well against Golden State last Saturday night. The Thunder showed that they might be the only team standing in the way of the Warriors and a second straight NBA Championship win. OKC has 2 players that can take over a game. That gives them a shot against Golden State while other teams don’t have that luxury.

The Pelicans play a system like the Warriors since head coach Alvin Gentry came to New Orleans after serving as Steve Kerr’s assistant at Golden State. But, just because Gentry runs a system like the Warriors it doesn’t mean that the Pelicans play like the Warriors. The Pelicans allow 105 points and 46% shooting from the field per game. Oklahoma City should roll in this matchup.

Pick: Oklahoma City