Suns Vs. Clippers

The Best Game By Far On The Schedule

This is the game that you want to make sure you have the beers stacked up in the fridge and the friends on their way over, if you’re a basketball fan, there is no way you can miss this epic battle. This could very well be the western conference finals, both of these franchises have battled all season to get to where they are now, both holding great record in their respectful divisions but the Clippers have the best series record.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Suns
The Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns clash this Wednesday in the NBA.
Starts: 04/02/2014 10:00PM
US Airways Center, 201 E. Jefferson St.


The Clippers know that they have to prove that they can beat these types of teams on a regular bases, there is nothing else to it. This is the most physical team the Clippers will have to play, they match-up very well against one another, making things harder. This is the fourth and last game between the two this season, the last game was back on March 10th where the Clippers got the upper hand at home. L.A. and Doc Rivers want their chance to really push through in the west.

Phoenix has had a difficult month, playing most of their games against post season teams but still making them close games. They are coming off a big loss to the Lakers a game that has realty affected them momentum wise. The key for the Suns in this game will be to slow down this Clippers team, their front court is big but not as athletic when it comes to slicing the defense open. They will also have to expect Paul to be a little faster as well as dangerous from around the court.

Pick: This will be a close game and I’m even expecting overtime here, the Suns have the advantage because they are at home, they will have their fans and their comfort zone. I also see them getting the better of the Clippers late on this one to even things up, so my opinion is to take Suns +2.5

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