Lakers Vs. Celtics

Best Rivalry Game Ever, Even Now

Back in the day whenever you thought of great sports rivalries the Boston-Lakers one was always at the top, these are two of the best franchises in NBA history, they have clashed in Finals too many times to remember and it always makes for a great game. This time around though things are a little different, both teams are struggling to get through the season. For the Lakers they have been riddled with injuries while the Celtics traded off their all-stars and have started to rebuild around their main point guard, Rondo.

NBA – Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are in rebuilding mode, but both could use a win when they meet this Friday Night in the NBA.
Starts: 02/21/2014 10:00PM
STAPLES Center, 1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California


For the Lakers they know that they play from the outside in, pushing the ball up the court and looking for the inside forward to make the first move, this is how they have turned after losing both Nash and Kobe. They don’t have the perimeter players they are accustomed to so they rotate the ball along the baseline to have the chance at being physical under the rim. This team needs to stay hungry, even if that means they have the worst season in franchise history they need to keep pushing themselves to be better, knowing they will play the Celtics will add to that push.

Boston is home, normally that would give them the edge but unfortunate this season it seems to be just as bad as if they were on the road. They are the youngest Celtics team to ever play together, the average age is 22, Rondo is the only guy with playoff experience and it must be very hard for him to not only come back from an ACL injury but to a team that just cannot seem to win. I think that they will really take this game to heart for the fans at the TD Garden and pull off an intense fight back and forth to eventually win this game. I can only advise to take the Celtics money line; spreads in this game this season is just too complicated.

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