Should You Bet On Kobe To Win His Last NBA Game?

Should You Bet On Kobe To Win His Last NBA Game?

Kobe Bryant’s final game as an NBA player is on Wednesday, April 14. Bryant broke into the league as a teenager in 1996. During his career, he’s won 5 NBA Championships. He’s been the NBA Finals MVP twice. He won the NBA Most Valuable Player award in 2008.

Bryant’s career has been as storied as almost any in the history of basketball. Unfortunately, Kobe’s career ends on the worst team in the Western Conference. The Lakers are 16 and 65 going into their Wednesday finale with Utah. Will Kobe go out a winner?  I think so. See below for why. 

Three Reasons to Bet on Kobe To Win

The Black Mamba took it easy against Oklahoma City on Monday night

Kobe played every single one of his NBA Seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. It ends on Wednesday night. His last road game was on Monday night. Although Kobe led the Lakers in scoring, he only punched in 13 when shooting 4 of 12 from the field and 3 of 9 from three. Bryant figures to take way more shots and score way more points versus Utah on Wednesday night. In fact, don’t be surprised if Kobe launches up to 30 shots in this game. Why not? It’s his last!

Kobe’s final game is in front of the Los Angeles Laker fans

I’ve got the feeling that Kobe has been waiting all season for this moment. The final game of the season is against an opponent that the Lakers have historically had success against. Not this season where L.A. is 0 and 3 versus the Jazz. But, historically, the Lakers and Kobe have dominated Utah. Kobe’s been planning for this game all season long. Kobe loves Los Angeles. Los Angeles loves Kobe. He’ll show up with his best. We might even see a few flashy dunks from the future hall of famer.

Kobe can end Utah’s dreams of a playoff spot with a win

If there is one thing that the Black Mamba loves to do, it’s putting the proverbial stake into the heart of his opponents. Utah messed up by losing to Dallas on Monday night. Now, the Jazz are in danger of missing the playoffs. They’ll need Houston to lose to Sacramento, which isn’t likely, and they’ll have to beat the Lakers. It all goes down on Wednesday night.

Kobe knows this. It’s his final NBA game. He’s going to go out in style by dominating the younger Jazz in every facet of the game. He’ll have Utah leaving the Staples Center wondering what happened.  How could they let the playoffs fall from their grasp to the worst team in the West led by a 37 year old?

I expect Kobe Bryant to go out a winner.   

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