The Toronto Raptors visit the Charlotte Bobcats

The Bobcats seem to play better at home

On a day where there are 10 other NBA games the only people that will be tuned into this one will be the ones from the Carolinas and the entire country of Canada, as long as it does not clash with any Canadian Hockey games. The Raptors have shown that they can be relevant again as they open the season with back to back wins over Boston and the Bucks, the question will be how long it will last. Charlotte is the back sheep of the League, they have talent all over their roster but it just does not look like it all meshes together on the court and that is what hurts them down the stretch, someone always wants to be the hero.

Toronto Raptors vs. Charlotte Bobcats
The Toronto Raptors visit the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night in the NBA
Starts: 11/06/2013 7:00PM
Time Warner Cable Arena, 333 East Trade St
Charlotte, North Carolina


Toronto has really made it a focus to get better defensively, man have they ever made the change. Ranking as the best rebounding team in the NBA with 50.3 a game they have found a way to really amp their second chance points. They have also only allowed on average 93 points a game, 5 th best in the League. Now with Rudy Gay commanding the offense this team looks to have finally changed their story.

Charlotte yet again has fallen to the Pelicans, a team that has equal amounts of rookies and young stars. This team needs to find its identity, paying Al Jefferson that ridiculous contract was not a good move, he will not be on the team in a few years and they need to plan ahead into the future. I expect them to look to make a wild trade by mid season to start setting things up for next season.

What to Expect:

In this one I see the Raptors blocking them out of the paint and taking care of the defense from the perimeter inside. The Bobcats are missing that hands down defender to take man up on the opposing team, who is going to cover Rudy Gay as he can split any two defenders you place on him, taking it alone or drawing a double and passing the ball under the rim. I say take the Raptors in this one -8, they will take it with their defense.


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