Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings

Boston Just Cannot See The Silver Lining

As the Celtics prepare to travel across the country to play the Kings in California they are reminded just how close they keep getting, their problem is that they cannot seem to find enough to get them over the last few minutes and defend like they were once known for. This time they were within 3 points of the feared Suns only to lose the game in the final minute because of a bad defensive rotation. The Kings know that the Celtics cannot rebound the ball, they happen to have one of the top rebounders on their squad in Demarcus Cousins, a player that Boston really wanted during the offseason to no prevail.

Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings
The Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings meet this Saturday in the NBA, with coverage by NBA TV.
Starts: 02/22/2014 10:00PM
Sleep Train Arena, One Sports Parkway
Sacramento, California


Boston is unorganized and slow to get up the floor, Doc installed a great defensive mindset in this team but at this point there are only two guys from that time left and one of them, Rondo was never that good or interested in the defensive aspect of the game. The Celtics need to be aggressive, the more the better, they have to show hunger and attack the rim on every position, Jeff Green has to push himself harder so that his teammates respond as well in the same way.


The Kings have come to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets in a trade that will send Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to Sacramento in exchange for Marcus Thornton. This deal is great for the Kings who will get some fire power on the perimeter from Terry and another great asset under the rim to help with rebounds when Cousins is on the bench. I am not sure if they will be ready for this game but I expect them in Sacramento by sometime next week. I like Boston because without Thornton they will be missing an active guard that contributes around 15 points a game, the Celtics should take this game by 6 points in my opinion.

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