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What More Can The Pacer´s Prove?

The Pacers are currently the best team in the NBA right now, they have shown us throughout the course of this season that they demand respect and it will take the best of any team just to hang with them in a game. At this point they prepare to play a home game against the Warriors on a floor they have only seen defeat three times in the last 55 games. Golden State knows that even if they make the post season, without a win against a team like the Pacers they do not have what is required to make a deep run.

NBA – Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers
The Golden State Warriors and the Indiana Pacers hit the hard-court on March 4th, 2014.
Starts: 03/04/2014 7:00PM
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, Indiana


One aspect of the game that has hurt the Pacers is opponents three ball, the Pacers are a very concentrated team on defense and they tend to stay in front of the man at all times but that causes distance on jump shots and if there is a team in the NBA that can get hot and stay hot it’s the Warriors. In their first game against Indiana the Warriors lost by 8 but kept it close all game long. The main focus point for Golden State here will be to find their shooting spots and get the ball to the right guy.

The Pacers run the ball better than any other team this season and the Warriors are not known for their transition defense nor their ability to get back as a team. I expect to see the Pacers take full advantage of pushing the ball with their guards. Really only looking for the inside post matchup when they are presented with the Warriors zone defense. Hibbert and the rest of the bad boys of this Pacer´s team will be -7 in this one and I think as long as they can control the Warriors passing game they will score the ball fairly easily, take Indiana in this game.

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