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Can the Wizards cool off the Heat?

Washington watched the Heats last game very closely and has every intention of repeating exactly what the 76ers did, they were able to capitalize on turnovers and defense, instead of trying to take LeBron out of the game, take the rest of the team out and let James do his thing and it worked. The Wizards have a much faster set offense then Philly did in which case might actually benefit them in the sense that they can move the ball up faster in transition. The Heat are the ones with the bulls eye painted on their backs and a win against the Heat, especially in Miami would really get the momentum going for Washington.

Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat
The Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat meet in the second week of the NBA.
Starts: 11/03/2013 6:00PM
American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, Florida


The Wizards understand that they have to make sure that the trio of Miami stay in front of them, they cannot allow to get caught flat footed on rebounds and watch how the Heat push the ball up the court to score freely. Point Guard John Wall will have the responsibility of controlling his turnovers, which will be key for this team in order not to get caught behind or lose this game. I see Washington really making their defensive stand while pushing the ball up and attacking the paint early looking for the whistle.

Miami lost to what was thought of as the worst team in the League, a team that by Vegas was only supposed to win 16 games the entire season. So either all the experts were wrong and Philly is a diamond in the rough or the Heat are starting to get over confident in certain games that coast them important victories. James, Wade and Bosh are the backbone of this team but they have to rebound the ball better, their outside shoot will fall but they also have to attack the basket more often to open up the lane for the cutter.

What to expect:

Miami will make this a game by attacking and showing off in front of their home fans but Washington will not go away too easy and they will have to watch their confidence yet again. I expect the Wizards to actually keep this a closer game through the first two quarters and everything will depend on the defensive intensity that Washington comes out with in the second half. Miami is -6.5 in this game and I see them completing that in a foul run to close out the game.

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