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NBA Championship 2018 Odds & Picks

The Golden State Warriors dominated all challengers to win their second NBA title in three years. Now they are the Las Vegas oddsmakers favorite pick to repeat as champions next year. But at 1/2 you have to risk $200 to win $100 making a bet on the Warriors a tough swallow. Let’s find out which teams can dethrone the Super Team!

NBA Championship 2018 Odds & Picks

Odds To Win 2017-18 NBA Championship
Golden State WARRIORS 1-2
Cleveland CAVALIERS 3-1
San Antonio SPURS 12-1
Boston CELTICS 15-1
Washington WIZARDS 30-1
Los Angeles CLIPPERS 30-1
Houston ROCKETS 30-1
Oklahoma City THUNDER 60-1
Toronto RAPTORS 60-1
Milwaukee BUCKS 60-1
New Orleans PELICANS 80-1
Philadelphia 76ERS 100-1
Indiana PACERS 100-1
Miami HEAT 100-1
Utah JAZZ 100-1
Portland TRAIL BLAZERS 100-1
Denver NUGGETS 100-1
Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES 100-1
Los Angeles LAKERS 100-1
Memphis GRIZZLIES 100-1
Chicago BULLS 100-1
Detroit PISTONS 200-1
Atlanta HAWKS 200-1
Dallas MAVERICKS 200-1
New York KNICKS 300-1
Charlotte HORNETS 300-1
Phoenix SUNS 500-1
Brooklyn NETS 1000-1
Orlando MAGIC 1000-1
Sacramento KINGS 1000-1

Las Vegas’ Favorite Pick To Win The 2018 NBA Championship: Golden State Warriors 1/2

The Warriors dominated the Cavaliers. It’s not that difficult to see why. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kyle Thompson, and Draymond Green are just too much for any team to handle. Yes, even a team with Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love.

But…-200? Not a single game has been played so far in the 2017-2018 NBA Season. Not a single team has made a splash in free agency. A lot can happen from now until the 2018 NBA Finals. I must look elsewhere.

The Sharp Pick To Win The 2018 NBA Championship: San Antonio Spurs 12/1 

I think the Spurs could have beaten Golden State if the Warriors hadn’t found a way to sneakily get Kawhi Leonard out of Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals. Hopefully, Kawhi stays healthy for the entire season. Not only that, but you know San Antonio is going to make some move during the off-season to improve.

What San Antonio really must do is find someone to take pressure off Kawhi. LaMarcus Aldridge is a good player. He’s not a great player. He can’t lead a team. We saw what happened when Kawhi got hurt. Golden State dominated.

Gregg Popovich isn’t the type of coach to leave a glaring issue unaddressed. He’ll find a way to get more out of someone on San Antonio’s roster, or find a way a way to acquire someone, who can help Kawhi.

The Longshot Pick To Win The 2018 NBA Championship: Houston Rockets 40/1

First, I love the odds. Houston is much better than 40 to 1. Second, I believe Golden State gave Houston coach Mike D’Antoni and James Harden the blueprint to win in the NBA Playoffs. Golden State not only plays great on offense, but they also play lockdown defense. The Warriors were the best team in the NBA in field goal percentage allowed.

Houston isn’t a bad basketball team. Trevor Ariza and James Harden both play terrific defense. Patrick Beverly is one of best defenders in the league. Clint Capela isn’t a bad center. Maybe, D’Antoni is right in thinking that he should rest The Beard more this upcoming season. It might also help for D’Antoni to find a defense only assistant coach. If he does, and it’s the right defense only coach, Houston could shock the NBA.

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