Cavaliers Vs Celtics Best-of-7 Series Pick

NBA Championship Picks

Don’t start making plans for the tiebreaker NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers just yet, because this year has some NBA Championship Picks that are old school, new school, high betting odds and betting odds favorites.

The NBA regular season already has me spinning and wondering if James Harden is our new MVP taking the Rockets to the NBA Finals. That is a long time away with the NBA Playoffs starting April 15 and NBA Finals begins on the 1st day of June, 2017. Time for tip-off tutorial on betting NBA Championship Odds.

NBA Championship Picks

The beginning of the season (which is now-duh) is the best time to bet NBA Futures when the NBA Odds are still too high on many hot teams, so I’m giving you NBA Championship Picks to fit your risk level. I am going from the betting favorite Golden State Warriors to Longshot Bet in NBA Houston Rockets to my sleeper (yeah like Freddie Krueger) Boston Celtics baby!

The Odds-On Favorite Pick To Win The NBA Championship: Golden State 4/5

This is not going to take a long mathematical formula to figure out, but when you have an NBA Champion become a runner up the following year and then add Kevin Durant to the team you end up with the NBA Championship wagering favorite. Having the best 3-point shooters in the land every year always helps including the best all-time Stephen Curry.

The Smart Pick To Win The NBA Championship: San Antonio Spurs 5/1

This is your consistency pick, because for 2 decades the Spurs have been almost impossible and now they have no Tim Duncan. That hurts, but getting Pau Gasol in free agency will help. You still have vets Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Mr. Happy-Coach Popovich.

The Longshot Pick To Win The NBA Championship: Houston Rockets 30/1

The Houston Rockets are playing lights out and putting 3-point shots down like they’re the NBA betting favorite Golden State Warriors. James Harden is playing on an MVP pace and already setting some records at Houston. By the way, my Smart Pick San Antonio Spurs finally snapped Houston’s 10-game win streak.

The Sharp Pick To Win The NBA Championship: Cleveland Cavaliers 9/5

The current NBA Champions are the Cleveland Cavaliers and they still have Lebron James, so getting almost 2-1 on your money seems like a bargain right now. For the Durant fans, in the past Lebron has been top dog in most of those head-to-head matches also.

My Pick To Win The NBA Championship: Boston Celtics 30/1

Have you seen this team get healthy and gel this year already? I don’t know how you can deny that Isiaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and new guy Al Horford in the middle can compete with the other Big 3s in this NBA Championship betting conversation. THEY CAN AND WILL! Thomas just had career high 44 points also. YIKES!

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