NBA Conference Final Series Betting Analysis

Early Odds & Picks 2019 NBA Championship

The NBA preseason is underway. LeBron is in Laker gold and purple. Kawhi is playing in Toronto. The Golden State Warriors are still the heavy 2019 NBA championship favorites. Now let’s take a closer look at the complete NBA championship odds and the top picks.

NBA Championship Odds & Picks

NBA Championship Favorite: Golden State Warriors -165

It’s just not fair, right? The Golden State Warriors have won 3 of the last 4 NBA Championships. So, whom does DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins decide to play for after last season? The Golden State Warriors. Now, the Warriors have an even more incredible starting five: Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kyle Thompson, Draymond Green, and DeMarcus Cousins.

The only knock against Golden State was that they didn’t have a great center. They do now. Even with the future half of fame lineup, the Warriors aren’t a smart wager to win the NBA Championship. No team is a smart wager at less than even money to win a pro league championship before a single game’s been played.

NBA Championship Smart Pick: Boston Celtics +615

I believe that when everyone’s healthy Boston has a starting five that could rival Golden State’s starting five. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward should be at 100% this season while Al Horford, Jason Taytum, and Jaylen Brown can all score and play defense. The Celtics also have a deep bench. Marcus Morris, Semi Ojeleye, Terry Rozier, and Aaron Baynes are a second unit starting five.

Finally, if Boston were to face Golden State in the NBA Championship, I’ll lay my money on the Celtics just because Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA. I think Boston might take the rings this season.

NBA Championhip Longshot Pick: L.A. Lakers +1400

Don’t be surprised if the LeBron James Lakers pose the greatest threat to Golden State’s NBA domination. James is good enough to take almost any team to the NBA Finals. The Lakers aren’t a bad team because Brandon Ingram should turn into a Top 10 player this season, Lonzo Ball should develop into a top point-guard, and center Javale McGee has a ton of talent.

The Lakers could be good right away. If the youngsters listen to The King, who knows? L.A. might be back a year before anyone expects them to be back.

NBA Championship Odds

  • Golden State Warriors -165
  • Boston Celtics +615
  • Houston Rockets +900
  • Los Angeles Lakers +1400
  • Toronto Raptors +1800
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1850
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +4000
  • Utah Jazz +10000
  • Washington Wizards +10000
  • San Antonio Spurs +10000
  • Milwaukee Bucks +10000
  • New Orleans Pelicans +12500
  • Indiana Pacers +12500
  • Denver Nuggets +20000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +20000
  • Portland Trail Blazers +20000
  • Miami Heat +35000
  • Detroit Pistons +40000
  • Los Angeles Clippers +40000
  • New York Knicks +45000
  • Charlotte Hornets +50000
  • Chicago Bulls +50000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +50000
  • Memphis Grizzlies +75000
  • Orlando Magic +75000
  • Phoenix Suns +75000
  • Brooklyn Nets +130000
  • Atlanta Hawks +150000
  • Sacramento Kings +20000
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