NBA Betting Stats - San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

NBA ESPN Double Header Free Picks

Wednesday’s ESPN Doubleheader involves two historic home teams that have actually been a little strange against the NBA spread, making free picks tougher to dish out. Both prime time games are going to be interesting, but only from a betting standpoint. Here’s who I’ve got…

ESPN NBA Doubleheader Free Picks

NEW YORK KNICKS over Indiana Pacers (8:00pm EST)

The Zen Master himself has returned to New York and the news has rejuvenated the Knicks in a strange turn of events. Like last year, New York has a reasonable chance of running the table (to a certain degree) and sneaking in to the playoffs. If they’re successful, they may end up playing these very Pacers, the team their matched up against in this ESPN Doubleheader.

The Knicks have ripped off a somewhat impressive 6-0 SU run where they’ve also gone 5-1 ATS. But the reason I hesitate to back them in my NBA free picks is simply because of who they’ve played. All of those six victories were against non-playoff teams. And Indiana isn’t just a “playoff team”, they’re a championship contender.

The Pacers have owned New York recently going 5-1 SU and ATS in their last 6 meetings but Indiana has also been a sinking ship in regards to NBA free picks with a horrifying 1-9 ATS stretch over their last 10 games. This is the time to pounce on the Knicks and if you haven’t abandoned the Pacers as a betting team then you should. Like right now. I’ve done so in my ESPN Doubleheader free pick haven’t I?

San Antonio Spurs over LOS ANGELES LAKERS (10:30pm EST)

The Spurs and the gambling community don’t get along at this time of year. Sometimes San Antonio has locked up a playoff spot or are in simple cruise control. From this point onwards last season, San Antonio went an abysmal 2-12 ATS in their final fourteen matchups. It’s one of the many reasons bettors are tepid around the Spurs until the playoffs.

Recently, San Antonio has built an underappreciated 10-game winning streak where they’ve also gone 7-3 ATS as they prepare for this ESPN Doubleheader. Stretches like that keep sucking me towards them in my free picks as well. I’m helpless.

It’s not just that they’ve been winning games – they’ve been DESTROYING FOOLS left right and center. The Spurs have a +15.3 point differential over the last ten games. And they just embarrassed the Lakers 119-85 last Friday as -17.5 favorites.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have gone an abysmal 3-7 SU in their last 10 games while somehow going 5-5 ATS during that run. They’ve consistently faced double digit spreads and continue to have a relatively even performance against them. During those last ten games, they’ve faced eight spreads of +10.0 or more and are 4-4 ATS.

The troubling and bipolar Lakers do have a marquee win over Oklahoma City from late last week but that seems like a major anomaly. As the home team, the Lakers will face another double digit spread, but the Spurs are going to jump at the chance to bury their former rival. That’s why, no matter what the number is on this game, the Spurs are the take in ESPN Doubleheader free picks this Wednesday.

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