The Toronto Raptors

This Game Has A Lot To Teach

This game is the mega game for teaching in this particular moment for both of these teams. The Suns come into this game knowing that it will not be like any of their past games in Canada, this time there will be guys there pushing back, they know they need this win as they continue to hound Memphis for that last playoff spot. Toronto on the other hand leads their division and as of right now has their post season future made for them with an entry, a win in a game like this though would really boost their momentum.

Phoenix Suns vs. Toronto Raptors
1:00 PM ET, March 16, 2014
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

Phoenix understands that they have to push hard, their first meeting was no piece of cake and all though they came away with the win it was on their home floor and they had all their guys. This time the Raptors cannot just lose games on purpose and they will want to get a win just to even out the global series score. The Suns have to play a hard, physical game under the rim while watching their fouls and not allowing the Raptors to take advantage of their defensive zone holes.

Toronto knows that a win against a team like the Suns at this point in the season with them hunting a playoff spot could give them so much added experience. This game to them will come down to interior defense and rebounding as well as not turning the ball over, something that the Raptors have gotten a little better at over the last few weeks but still average almost 8 a game. Toronto needs to take advantage of the fact that they are home and they will have a much larger fan set in attendance than normal.

The Raptors are -2.5 at home against the Suns and have the slight advantage because of their ability to spread the floor and cut to the rim, this team will play from the inside out while the Suns concentrate on their shooting.

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