2014 NBA Championship Expert Picks

This Game Is For The True Advantage

It’s been a battle all season long as these two teams really do not like one another. the Pacers came into this season with two clear goals… Making the playoffs and beating the Heat. They started off very well but in this last month they have fallen so far off the horse that they are now trailing Miami overall and need to fight to get home court advantage back. The Heat know that they will not be able to beat the Pacers in a seven game series if they have to go back to Bakers field house for the last one… They need to be at home to make the magic happen.

Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat
The Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat hit the hard-court in a possible future play-off matchup preview.
Starts: 04/11/2014 7:00PM
American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd.


If Indiana losses this game they can pretty much kiss their home court advantage goodbye, that does not mean they are going to give up on anything but it will make things much harder. This team needs to come out aggressive in this game, attacking the rim and going straight at LeBron. Paul and West need to be on their top game while Hibbert needs to control the inside paint like a mad dog, attacking anyone who thinks of coming in there.

Miami knows they have the advantage but they also know that the Pacer will come out swinging. By far this will be the biggest test of the year for this Championship team and they are in need of not only their bench but their big man… “Calling all big man, please report to the court” The Heat will have to play man up basketball and if they get beat on their home floor it will be because they could not protect their painted area down the stretch.

Pick: Take Indiana in this game, they have no choice but to win this game at all coasts and at -3.5 I think it’s actually a good number for this desperate team.

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