Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks

A Great Game For The Knicks To Keep The Roll Going

This is the fourth and final game this season between the Knicks and the Hawks, things have been really inconsistent with both of these franchises but the one holding the advantage in this case are the Knicks who have won 2 of the last three games. Defense has really not played a big factor in any of the games these two have played this season, with an average of 100 points a game for each of them I can only expect another high scoring game in this one.

NBA – New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks
The New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks take to the hard-court this Saturday in the NBA.
Starts: 02/22/2014 7:30PM
Philips Arena, 1 Philips Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia


The Knicks have looked a little better, Anthony is playing a little more with his back to the rim in post up and that allows JR Smith to freely run around the perimeter looking for the best spot to catch and shoot. Tyson Chandler has been the biggest let down this season, going from defensive player of the year 3 seasons ago to now hurting the team when he is on the floor. This team needs to make a statement, they need to push back a little and show the NBA world that they have the ability to make runs and change their own fate.

Atlanta´s chances are actually a lot better then what people think, they have the outside shooting game to match the Knicks and have the rebounding abilities as well, the area they need improvement is getting back on defense, half of the team plays man while the other half look like they stay in zone coverage. I really do not see them having the spark to stay in this game too long so I´ll give the win to the Knicks by 8 points.

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