NBA Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks Are Playing For Experience Now

Normally by this time the teams that are out of the playoffs, cruse the rest of the season to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or any chance they might have of getting traded but the not the Hawks; no, they are in full force playing 110% on that court to gain as much experience as they possibly can. The Hawks are without prays for any post regular season games, they seem to have lowered their expectations to just finishing their season and forget about it as quickly as they can.

Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks
7:30 PM ET, March 24, 2014
Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
Coverage: TSOH

The Suns really wants to end this season with a playoff berth and make it the best season they have had as a franchise in years. That means that they have to go out and play like if every game was the finals. Many of the playoff teams they will face will be resting their starters so the chance of Phoenix to get some extra wins. I think they will really play the perimeter in this game as well as push the half court press.

This means that the Hawks are going to play as hard as if they still had a chance I still don’t see them going the extra mile if they are losing, to stage a comeback. The Hawks are looking to work their younger players in their rotation given the focus that will be on them during the offseason, it´s almost like a showing off if you will so other teams can take a look at them and see if they might be interested come the offseason.

The Suns are -9.5 in this game, given my expectations from this team at home in this game, they should come out red hot looking for the lead, I have the Suns winning this game on the road.


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