Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets

This Is It For These Hawks

Well, this is the game that the Hawks have to come through in, they are still on the outside looking in but a win against the Nets would really place them on the line with a great chance of making it to the post season with one little falter from another team. The Nets have secured their ticket to the post season… they really don’t have much to worry about over the next two weeks aside from resting and get 100% healthy.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets
The Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets hit the hard-court to battle it out for a win.
Starts: 04/11/2014 7:30PM
Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave. US, 11217
BrooklynNew York


Atlanta is so they can test that postseason but in my opinion they are going to be between one or two wins away from making the final cut and that’s with their great past couple of weeks. This team has really pulled themselves out of the gutter since coming out of the all-star break, they have pushed themselves and have the talent I think to make something happen. I think their main problem was leadership, they are missing someone in that organization that really places the arrow in the right direction and keep telling players what needs to be done.

Brooklyn will really not have to worry about this game, now they are at appoint where it’s not longer about winning or losing, they have to get their guys back up and ready for the series to start. At this point the Nets will look to get their bench players more involved, get the ball rotation going and push the tempo of the game a little to see how they handle different situations.

Pick: I know that Brooklyn is still going to play their top bench backups but this Hawks team is so hungry that I think they will show up for this game and shoot the hell out of the ball. I´m taking Atlanta -4.5.

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