The Dallas Mavericks take on the Oklahoma City Thunder

You heard right, Westbrook is back

Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
The Dallas Mavericks takes on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.
Starts: 11/06/2013 9:30PM
Chesapeake Arena, 100 West Reno Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I could not believe it when I heard it, the fastest recovery time for an NBA athlete who is coming off an ACL tear and surgery, in all honesty I cannot see this as being great, I would have held him out till at least December, to make sure. Dallas and the new cast of players seem to really be making things work with their ball sharing and weak side defensive help. I see this game being a high scoring little defensive presence because of the ability of both teams perimeter shooting as well as their need to get to the rim.

Dallas finally has a fully healthy Dirk Nowitzki back to complement the arrival of guard Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon as their point guard. This Dallas team has a decent bench and it will be interesting to see how deep they go to rest Dirk late in the season. Dallas needs to really attack the rim and look for the foul while making this a physical game.

Oklahoma City has the players in place to carry out the game plane; they have beaten the Mavs 4 of their last 6 meetings dating back to 2000. Durant seems pleased to have his point guard back but understands that everything has changed; they need to run the offense through him while making sure everyone get a clean look at the rim.

What to expect:

The Thunder are -5.5 in this game and I see them making a few runs here and there but in the end the Thunder will take this game because of the scoring ability of Kevin Durant, he can hit a shot from the locker room if he really wanted too. The Mavs know that they will struggle against the better Western teams but as long as they have enough health to get to the post season, they know they have a chance.

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