History repeats itself yet again

History repeats itself yet again…

History repeats itself yet again

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics series

Who would have ever guessed at the start of this NBA season that the broken down Celtics would even make it to the post season let alone face the Cavaliers in Lebron’s returning year… I know I didn’t. Truth be told, I was not even expecting the Celtics to make the post season but that late season push really made a difference not only in their play but their confidence. If anyone knows just how big of a thorn Boston is, it’s the fans of Cleveland who have seen their share of season’s end at the hands of the Celtics. Both of these teams are coming into this series knowing they can beat the other, the tied their four games regular season series at two games apiece.

Cleveland has had a huge year, getting James back then suffering through injuries and critics at every turn; I have to admit that they have kept their cool through it all. Kevin Love has to be the factor in this series for the Cavs, he has to show up in the fourth quarter, he has to be a presence under the rim and he has to make opposing players work for their points, the rest of the team will fall into place without a problem but that is the hole in their armor and I think they know it. This will not be as easy as many might think, the Cavs don’t have an answer for the Celtics speed to run the floor or their passing ability, defense and keeping the play in front of them will be key for Cleveland to win this series.

Boston knows it will have its work cut out for them, they could be up two games to none and still be the dog at home and that’s just how things are but I also think that they won’t let all the talk get to them, they won’t let it get under their skin. Boston has to move the ball, they have to keep their eyes forward and rotating the ball as the players move around the floor, they have a chance to get inside if they are patient, something they are not known for. Isaiah Thomas has come in and made a huge impact right off the bat, his style of play get everyone involved as well as getting them as open as they possibly could be.

Unfortunately I have the Cavs winning this series 4-1, and I know everyone that follows me knows how much that hurts me to say because of my love of the Celtics but I have to set my heart aside and be objective. It was a great year and I see them learning from this for next season, their largest downfall is their inexperience in the postseason, something that is a must now a days.