NBA Horse Challenge Odds & Betting Analysis

Horse Challenge Odds & Betting Analysis

The National Basketball Association looks to continue providing new options for hoops betting entertainment without playing actual games when it presents the 2020 NBA HORSE Challenge.

What is H-O-R-S-E?

HORSE is a game where a participant makes a shot. Everyone else playing must make the same shot. Players that don’t make the shot get accrue letters in the word HORSE. Once a player misses enough shots to spell HORSE, they are eliminated.

The quarterfinals for the 2020 NBA HORSE Challenge are on Sunday, April 12. Next Thursday, April 16 are the semifinals and championship. ESPN will air the tournament. State Farm will sponsor the event and donate more than $200,000 to charities that benefit coronavirus response efforts.

HORSE Challenge Odds & Analysis (To Win/To Lose)

Trae Young +305/-425

No dunks are allowed, which explains why Trae Young is the favorite. Young averaged 29.6 points per and shot 36.1% from three during the season. He’s one of the top scorers in the NBA and could win the HORSE Challenge based on 3-point shots alone. The key for Trae to win won’t be whether he makes 3 pointers. It will be from where, how far, he makes his threes.

Chris Paul +305/-425

A for sure future hall of fame player, Chris Paul is as creative as it gets. CP3 is a 37% lifetime 3-point shooter. Don’t expect Paul to rely on 3-pointers during the tournament, though. The Oklahoma City point-guard has more than that in his arsenal. What about a bounce off the floor, catch and then shoot to the hoop 15-footer while in the air? That’s a hint for you, Chris!

Zach LaVine +355/-535

LaVine can’t dunk, which means he must come up with some nifty shots, off the glass, double-off the glass, etc. We know the Chicago Bull has hops. Can he incorporate those hops into awesome HORSE shots?

Mike Conley Jr. +460/-780

Conley could try for some fresh finger rolls. He might try to shoot threes with his eyes closed. Who knows? The former Memphis Grizzlies’ point guard is a 37.5% career 3-point shooter, which means for +460 you can get a player that shoots better from behind the arc than LaVine, CP3, or Trae.

Paul Pierce +800/-1700

Good old Paul Pierce. The former Boston Celtic hasn’t played professionally for a while. Will it matter? Maybe not. While Conley, LaVine, Paul, and Trae have had to try and win NBA games, Pierce could hang out in his backyard and practice HORSE shots with his kids. Heck, we don’t know. Maybe, Paul has run horse tournaments while in retirement.

Chauncey Billups +850/-1750

The same goes for Chauncey Billups. The difference? Chauncey is all over television sets during the NBA Season. He should have some HORSE skills. They won’t be as tight as Pierce’s. Both should shoot well from behind the arc, though. But, neither has enough to get by CP3 and Trae.

Allie Quigley +1100/-2300

Quigley won back-to-back 3-point shootouts during her playing days. In her 11 years in the WNBA, Quigley was a 3-time All-Star and 2-time Sixth Woman of the Year. Allie can shoot, no doubt. Can she get distance on her threes the way Trae Young can?

Tamika Catchings +1250/-2750

Catchings is one of the best players in WNBA history. She’s a 10-time All-Star, a 2011 MVP, and 2012 Finals MVP. She also makes threes at 35.5%. Don’t let the odds fool you. She can hang with anyone on the hardcourt. Like everyone else in the tournament, Catchings has played HORSE her entire life. Tamika has a shot to take the whole thing as the biggest underdog on the board.

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