How Will LeBron’s Decision Affect NBA Betting Futures?

How Will LeBron’s Decision Affect NBA Betting Futures?

If you’re a lifetime NBA hoops fan that just can’t get enough of the game even following one of the most riveting NBA Finals in recent memory, then you surely want to know where the game’s most complete player will call home for the coming 2014-15 NBA season.

With LeBron James declaring his intention to opt out of his current deal with the Heat, is wondering will affect the NBA futures betting odds market for 2015.

Well, the fact of the matter is that, wherever James decides to call home for the next portion of his career, it will drastically affect not only that team’s chances, but the respective chances of every other team in the league, of winning next seasons’ title, if not the next few seasons.

Let’s come up with some hypothetical scenarios, followed by my guess on what each team’s 2014-15 NBA Championship Futures Odds will be with LeBron James on their respective rosters.

Miami Heat 5/2
The Heat have been installed as favorites (that’s with LeBron on their roster people) but everything will quickly change for the Heat if LeBron bolts for what he believes will be greener pastures. Expect the Heat to fall to about 40/1 if James bolts – and Wade and Bosh stay put in South Beach.

New York 50/1
LeBron does love the big stage and if he could get Anthony to resign…well, then the Knicks would jump to about 8/1.

LA Lakers 50/1
Even with James on the roster, playing alongside an aging Kobe Bryant, the Lakers would not be favored over several other Western Conference contenders. 15/1

Houston 20/1
If LeBron goes to the Rockets and Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin leave, Houston would likely be installed as co-favorites at about 8/1. 

Boston 75/1
No way does James land in Boston right now…or ever. Playing on Boston’s current roster, would make the Celtics about, 60/1 favorites if that.

Chicago 15/1
If James lands it Chicago to play alongside Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson…they’d definitely be favored to win the East and like next season’s NBA Championship. 8/1

Say What?
You think LeBron going to one of these teams is impossible? Think again…stranger things have happened hoops heads!

San Antonio 8/1
If LeBron were to land in San Antonio and replace, let’s say Kawhi Leonard while the Spurs throw in Patty Mills, well, that would make the Spurs instant league favorites at about 4/2…

Oklahoma City 8/1
If LeBron landed in Oklahoma City to play alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook…things would look very ugly for the rest of the league…for a long time too.

Indiana Pacers 15/1
The Pacers probably should add James to their roster they way they love to follow him around like little babies. Still, Indy would probably be installed as co-favorites at about 5/2

Washington 35/1
Go ahead and laugh if you want. The addition of James to a lineup that includes young backcourt gems, John Wall and Bradley along with burly and talented veteran big men Nene and Marcin Gortat. Sounds like a realistic title contender to me at about 10/1.

Cleveland 60/1
I know this is very intriguing for all you Cavaliers conspiracy theorists, but adding James to let’s say Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Bennett doesn’t sound like much of a title contender to me. 20/1

Toronto 60/1
Sounds crazy right? Well, if James took his talents north of the Border to play alongside Kyle Lowery, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas, the Raptors would definitely contend for the NBA title. How much is a bit of a guess, but I’d say the Raptors would check in at about 15/1 favorites.

Golden State 30/1
LeBron drives….and he kicks it out to Curry for three! Or…Klay Thompson for three….or Andre Iguoadala…or Harrison Barnes…or… Oh you get the idea! 8/1

Dallas 50/1
Let’s see…LeBron would be carrying an aging Dirk Nowitzki and an aging Vince Carter, with only sweet-shooting combo guard in Monta Ellis to look forward to playing alongside for the next few seasons. 30/1

Philadelphia 250/1
Go ahead and have a hearty laugh, but if LeBron goes to Philly and the Sixers decide to draft either Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum with the No. 3 pick and add, oh…let’s say Doug McDermott with the No. 10 pick. Well, then, Philly would have a quartet of young lottery pick players over the last two seasons that includes their two current draft picks plus soon to be second-year guard Michael Carter and 2013 lottery pick, Nerlens Noel. Adding James to the Sixers wouldn’t make them instant contenders, but it could turn them into longtime league favorites maybe starting in 2015-16. It’s not likely to happen, but hey…a fella’ can dream can’t he? 40/1

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