Howard returns to Staples Center

It will not be as bad for the Houston center to come back to Staples center at least not in this game because the Rockets will be playing the Clippers, so must of the Lakers stuff will be hidden away. Still to have him back will be difficult and he will be in the spotlight the entire game. He will also have his hands full with the Clippers offense as they have shown no signs of backing off the ducking first attack; Blake Griffin has already had some highlight moves on certain rookies already.

Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers
The Houston Rockets visit the Los Angeles Clippers for a Monday Night showdown in the NBA
Starts: 11/04/2013 10:30PM
STAPLES Center, 1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California


Houston has gotten off the perfect 2-0 start they pictured, the team is playing well and they seem to understand each other on the floor just as good. In this game though, Howard will be much more active on the defensive side of the ball trying to get to the right spots on time in order to not foul. Part of the Clippers game plane will be to attack the middle of the Rockets defense to really try and get them in foul trouble early.

The Los Angeles Clippers have moved the ball very well and seem that have already picked up a little of the Doc Rivers defense as they have slowed their opponents down and not allowed over 100 points yet. The matchup I am looking forward to will be whoever decides to guard Chris Paul, he has shown in these last two games that he has his speed back as well as his ability to blindly pass the ball.

What to expect.

The Clippers will look to really settle in to the defense mentality in this one because of the way that Houston attacks the basket, they look to cut straight in then pass the ball once the defense has committed to the cutter, getting as open of a shot as they would like. I see the Rockets having issues in the paint and foul trouble early; this will be their first loss of the season, take the Clippers -1 at home.

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