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Ibaka’s Injury Not Effecting Updated 2014 NBA Championship Betting Odds

The recent injury to Serge Ibaka may not be reflected in the updated 2014 NBA Championship betting odds, but it certainly makes it a bit more difficult to wager on the Thunder. Serge Ibaka, who is largely the third banana for the Thunder since James Harden was traded away, has a strained calf muscle that will keep him sidelined for the balance of the playoffs. Even with him on the shelf, the Thunder are a +450 chaser to win their first NBA Championship.

Updated 2014 NBA Championship Betting Odds

  • San Antonio Spurs +160
  • Miami Heat +180
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +450
  • Indiana Pacers +600

Losing Ibaka for the rest of the playoffs is a big blow no matter how you approach it, but as long as the Oklahoma City Thunder have Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant they have a fighting chance.

Perhaps the strangest part about the updated 2014 NBA Championship betting odds is that the Pacers are still the longest shot to win it all. After their Game 1 demolition of the Miami Heat, where they re-established themselves as a major threat to the reigning champions, it would almost be irresponsible for you to ignore their awesome 6-to-1 odds to win the 2014 NBA Championship.

They look like they can beat Miami, even with LeBron playing at full tilt, and if that happens they’re going to head in to the NBA Finals with a head full of steam and the confidence that made them the team to beat all season.

The case for the Miami Heat is the same as the one for Oklahoma City. If they have Wade and LeBron playing at their best, they’re always in the thick of things. Miami has a ton of problems. Their rebounding is awful, they don’t have a lot of rhythm with their help defense and their three point shooting has been average this post season.

James can cover up a lot of these mistakes, and Wade has been playing possum all season so his 27 points during Game 1’s loss aren’t an aberration. The oddsmakers are always petrified of Miami because of their immense public backing, so their +180 odds are relatively fair. They’re more like a +250 bet if you ask me but that’s just splitting hairs.

Fact is, I don’t know if Miami can get past Indiana at full strength. Are you willing to chance Indiana at +600 to get past the Heat and win the championship in the next round? You should be.

Who the west will be sending to the finals feels preconceived. Kawhi Leonard is an apt defender who can contain Durant to a certain extent, and Tony Parker is one of the few guards in the league fast enough to give Westbrook issues. The Spurs have the inside track in the updated 2014 NBA Championship betting odds for all these reasons and a few more,

Can Miami’s supporting cast perform at the championship level that compliments LeBron James?

Can Oklahoma City overcome the loss of Ibaka?

Can Indiana maintain a level of consistency that makes them reliable after so many up-and-down runs in the playoffs?

We don’t have any questions like that concerning the San Antonio Spurs, which makes Tim Duncan and Popovich the best overall bet at the rightful favorites on this board. If you’re going to bet on the updated 2014 NBA Championship betting odds, I’d like at the top and the bottom of the board with the Spurs and Pacers.

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