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Jazz still in search for their first win of the season

Life has not been kind in Utah as the Jazz have yet to enter the win column this season, they have played decent defense but losing some important rebounding and shot blocking ability over the summer really affected them. The Nets seem to have found what they were missing in KG and Pierce, they bring a defensive mindset that no one else on the roster really had looking for that extra pass even around the rim has made all the difference, assisting them in handing Miami their second loss in a row.

Utah Jazz vs. Brooklyn Nets
The Utah Jazz challenge the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday Night in the NBA.
Starts: 11/04/2013 7:00PM
Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, New York City


Utah is searching for their three point shot, they are currently at 32% from beyond the arc, their inside presence has the ability to be good but lacks the serious experience to battle future hall of famers like the Nets are bringing. This will be Jason Kids first game back as head coach after being suspended for an offseason legal issue. The jazz will need to overcome that and look at attack the lane looking for the call. Taking care of the ball in the open court will be crucial against a team that has sticky hands and things could go missing.

The Brooklyn Nets are on a roll; they not only played great and beat the Heat they looked great doing it. They are playing like a team and rotating the ball well, their defense has really gone up as KG intends on showing his teammates the best ways to guard the paint. I expect Pierce and KG to get more of a sitter in that case after long minutes and physical play against the Heat.

What to expect:

The Nets are bursting with momentum, not only beating the Heat but controlling the game all the way through, getting rebounds and pushing the fast break points as needed. The Nets have too much experience on this team to allow this game to slip through their fingers, so from what I have seen and understood, the Nets go on to win this game by 8 or more.

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