NBA Playoff Western Conference Semi Expert Picks

The Kings Won’t See The Full Thunder Armament

This is the perfect opportunity for the Thunder to get their starters some good quality break time, they need to clear their minds, take a break and some family time to regroup. The Kings are a fighting team, they won’t let up and there is no reason that Oklahoma needs to place any of their big names guys at risk of injury. Or just Ask Westbrook about this time last season.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings
The Oklahoma City Thunder will have an easy night against the Kings after clinching a playoff spot already.
Starts: 04/08/2014 10:00PM
Sleep Train Arena, One Sports Parkway


OKC is playoff bound guaranteed, they have more than great chances of actually picking up home court advantage so this game is an un-necessary risk. I still expect to see the starters there, just I would not be surprised they they play only a few quarters. The backups will start getting much more playing time in order to earn their court time come playoff time. The keys will still be ball control and working on their passing, this team does turn the ball over on average 16 times a game, that’s is something that they need to improve on for sure.

Sacramento is going to push them around, they are going to look for the chance to defend their house as well as get their first season win over this Thunder team of the year. Look for a more zone defensive approach to allow them to get the transition offense going faster. The Kings are in the bottom of the not playing after June teams but they will fight and scratch and do what they need to do get more wins.

Pick: Take the Kings actually in this game, they are +12.5 and I think that at home at this point in the season they have what is needed to get their win over this team.

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