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Not A Losing Place…

The Knicks are going to try to accomplish something only one other team in this league has done, walk into Bankers Life Fieldhouse and come out with a win. The Pacers are not only the second best team in the NBA but they are the best home team in the League having only lost once in front of their home crowd it’s not something they expect to happen, especially from a struggling Knicks team that cannot really seem to get it going unless they are the Saturday afternoon national TV game.

New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers
The New York Knicks visit the Indiana Pacers on Thursday Night.
Starts: 01/16/2014 7:00PM
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, Indiana


New York has really seen this season go up in smoke with injuries but also a lack of leadership, this team seems to run itself, not the coach, or Melo or anyone else has really stood out this season. The Knicks have had defending issues all season long, now they prepare to face one of the top offenses in the League with a ruthless set of guards that can burn any defense at will. A strong, help defense from the Knicks should help them stay in this game, they did take the Pacer to OT in their first game even though they lost in the end.

Indiana looks like an all-star team, they have guys stepping up in areas they didn’t even know they needed, their bench is playing great as well as their starters, every rotation they use seems to work and the guys embrace any roll they are given. Now that Granger is back in the lineup it gives the Pacers an added threat from the perimeter while forcing the cover to come out opening inside lanes for his teammates. I see the Pacers keeping their home streak alive as they beat the Knicks yet again this season by at least 7 points but staying under the 197 mark.

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