New Year NBA Championship Odds & Picks

2018 NBA Playoff Game 1 Spreads

New Year NBA Championship Odds & Picks

NBA Championship odds haven’t changed too much since the Golden State Warriors took home the NBA Championship in 2017. Warriors continue to be the favorites. The only question is whether championship bettors should back Golden State at the less than even money odds. I don’t believe they should. Keep reading to find out why. Also, keep reading to find out who my smart play, and longshot play are.

New Year NBA Championship Odds & Picks

  • Warriors 5/9
  • Rockets 4/1
  • Cavaliers 9/2
  • Spurs 12/1
  • Celtics 15/1
  • Thunder 20/1
  • Raptors 30/1
  • Wizards 40/1
  • Bucks 60/1
  • 76ers 100/1
  • Timberwolves 100/1
  • Pistons 100/1
  • Heat 200/1
  • Pacers 200/1

The 2018 NBA Title Favorite: Golden State Warriors 5/9

The Warriors appear to be as unbeatable this season as they were last season. The only difference is that the Warriors aren’t as good against the spread this season. In fact, Golden State is 16 and 18 ATS. Is that enough reason for me to refrain from betting on Golden State to win the 2018 NBA Championship?

Not really. The Warriors should repeat as NBA Champions. But, in all forms of gambling, it’s about fair odds. 5 to 9 doesn’t constitute fair odds. By betting on Golden State to win at 5 to 9, what we’re saying is that nothing will happen to derail the Warriors chances of repeating as NBA Champions.

Nobody can get hurt at an inopportune time. A team like Houston, or Oklahoma City, or the Spurs can’t get lucky. Golden State can’t come up to any bumps in the road. That’s resting a lot of faith on fate. I don’t accept short odds because I don’t believe in fate.

The Smart Pick To Win The 2018 NBA Title: Cleveland Cavaliers 9/2

What’s wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers? Granted, they just lost straight up on Christmas Day to the Warriors even though GS battled Cleveland without Steph Curry. That doesn’t bother me. Cleveland only lost by 7 points. Also, LeBron didn’t play his normally dominant game.

The King only scored 20 points. He grabbed 6 boards. He dished 6 assists. LeBron is enough of a veteran to know when to turn it on, and when to allow his teammates to get it going. He allowed his teammates to get it going versus the Warriors on Christmas Day.

The two most important stats of the loss are Golden State only shooting 27% from three, and the Cavs holding the Warriors to less than 100 points. Cleveland’s going to take the experience and get better.

The Longshot Pick To Win The NBA Title: Oklahoma City Thunder 20/1

The Oklahoma City Thunder haven’t yet gelled as an NBA team. Will they ever gel? I think it’s only a matter of time. Instead of thinking about what’s wrong with the Thunder, think about what’s right.

Center Steve Adams is having the best season of his career. Adams shoots 63.6% from the field. He averages close to 14 points, and close to 9 boards per game. Also, Russell’s decided to take over. And, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are encouraging him to do so.

As of Dec. 26, the Thunder have won 8 of their last 10. They’ve won 5 straight. Don’t look now, but here comes the Thunder!