Nuggets need to rally around the new guys to win here

Nuggets Need To Rally Around The New Guys To Win Here

Ok, so we all know and understand that this Nuggets team is a shadow of their old selves and that there are too many new faces on this team for even the most loyal fan to remember but they need to push each other, rally around their bench and get excited even if it’s in vain. Atlanta has not fared well at home, they seem to be affected by the lack of support from their fan base but given the season they are having it’s not really hard to understand why.

Denver Nuggets vs. Atlanta Hawks
The Denver Nuggets will take to the hard court against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday on NBA TV.
Starts: 03/15/2014 7:30PM
Philips Arena, 1 Philips Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia


Denver played the Hawks in early November of last year and it was a close game, with a few minutes left the teams were tied and the Nuggets went up by a deuce with two final free throws to close out the game. Their point guard Lawson needs to be more aggressive, he was once known for playing like Allen Iverson with the way he would attack the rim but recently he has proffered to shoot from 15+ feet out where he is only 33% in the last three games.

To say that Atlanta is cold is an understatement, this is a team that is normally hitting around 42% from three and a little under 49% as a team inside the arc but this season and especially over the last 10 games they are under 38% in everything. This team needs to play better defense, they need to take charges and double team the post player. Jeff Teague will have an interesting time staying with Lawson if he decides to attack the basket.

Denver is -7.5 coming into this game and given the shooting problems that Atlanta is experiencing, I cannot in a right mind advise anyone to take the Hawks. With that said I think that this game will be like the first one, closer then the odds makers think and I see Denver winning but I do not have them covering 8 points.

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