Golden State to Break Chicago Bulls 72 Wins in a Season Record

Odds On Golden State Breaking Chicago Bulls’ 72 Wins in a Season Record

An NBA record that many thought was unbreakable is suddenly breakable. The Golden State Warriors went from being a huge underdog to break the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls 72 win regular season record to being a big favorite to break the record.

The odds on Golden State to break the 72 wins during the season record were at +500 on Nov. 24 when the Warriors were at 15 and 0. After the All-Star Break, the odds have fallen to Golden State -160 to break the Bulls record. What are the chances of Golden State actually breaking the record for wins in a single season? See below for my take on it!

What are the odds on Golden State to break Chicago’s 72 win season record:

More Than 73 Wins: -160
Fewer Than 73 Wins: +140

As of February 29, Golden State has a straight up record of 53 and 5. The Warriors have 24 games remaining on their schedule. Of those 24 remaining games, Golden State plays current division leaders only 5 times. They battle Atlanta, who is a half a game behind Miami in the NBA Southeast, on March 1. They play top rival San Antonio three times on March 19 on the road, April 7 at home, and on April 10 on the road. They play Oklahoma City at home on March 3.

Golden State’s 5 losses this season have occurred to: Milwaukee, Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Portland. In their next 24 games, the Warriors don’t battle Milwaukee. They take on Dallas on March 18 on the road. They battle Dallas on March 25 at home.  They don’t face Denver in any of their final 24 games. Nor do they face Detroit in any of their final 5 games. They do battle Portland on March 11 and on Feb. 3.

The key is Portland and San Antonio. If Golden State were to lose all 5 times that they face San Antonio and Portland in their final 24 games, they’d have 10 losses. In that case, Golden State would tie the Bulls at 72 and 10. But, it’s hard to see the Warriors losing all 5 times, 3 times to San Antonio and 2 times twice to Portland, in their next 24 games. Unless some other teams upset Golden State, Dallas for example, or OKC, in addition to them losing at least twice to San Antonio in 3 games and at least once to Portland in their next 24 games, breaking Chicago’s 72 win record looks like a lock.

I think Golden State breaks the record by at least 2 games.

My final prediction for Golden State’s Regular Season Record is 74 and 8.  

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