Very Early 2017 NBA Championship Odds

Odds To Win the 2016 NBA Championship

The 2015-16 NBA season tips off on Tuesday, October 27th. Already, teams are starting to jockey for position while those looking to score in the sports books are considering what teams are best to back in the futures.

The favorite to win the NBA this season is Cleveland. A visitor to the NBA Finals last season from the Eastern Conference, Cleveland is supposed to be next to impossible to beat now that they have the experience of a finals under their belt. But, Golden State was a newbie to the NBA Finals last season as well and they won it.

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My Top 10 Picks On Who Can Win The 2016 NBA Championship!

Cleveland +275

The odds are too low to consider a bet at this time. Wait until they prove it by starting out hot. Also, does anybody really know if K-Love’s shoulder is okay for a full season of NBA activity?

San Antonio +300

If you insist on going with chalk, this is the chalk team to back. LaMarcus Aldridge is a man among boys. What it means is that San Antonio has two men among boys this season when you count Tim Duncan. Do you remember what a youthful Tim Duncan was like in the NBA Playoffs?  TD could find the Fountain of Youth this season if Aldridge is as good as we expect him to be.

Golden State +500

Don’t even think about backing Golden State at +500 until they’ve proven that their brand of basketball works the same this season as it did last season. Who knows?  Maybe, teams adjust defensively and the Warriors barely get into the playoffs in 2016.

Oklahoma City +850

The odds seem fair on a team with a defensive-minded coach and two of the Top 5 players in the entire league on their roster. Russell Westbrook blossomed while Kevin Durant was on the bench last season. If Durant is at 100%, the Thunder could go all the way.

Los Angeles Clippers +1000

Expect at least +1500 odds before backing the Clipps to get it done this season. Winning an NBA Championship is not easy to do. Winning it with two players who, with all of their greatness, hasn’t shown the ability to carry a team at +1000 odds is foolish. I’m talking about you, Blake, and you, CP3.  

Houston Rockets +1600

James Harden has shown the ability to carry a team on his back and win it all. The problem with backing the Rockets is that nobody on their team can support The Beard in his quest for a ring. +2500 is where fair odds start for this bunch.

Chicago Bulls +2000

At +2000, the Bulls are the overlay in the sports book. Chicago is one healthy Derrick Rose away from upsetting the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference and beating whomever the team faces in the NBA Finals. Consider at the odds. If Rose is healthy, this team is going to be very tough to beat in the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies +3300

The defense is great and Memphis is good enough to win a lot of games during the regular season. But, the issue is who will take charge in the playoffs? The Spurs have four guys in Aldridge, Duncan, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard. Memphis might not have one.  

Atlanta Hawks +50000

Atlanta is the Eastern Conference version of Memphis. If you really, truly believe that a team without a legitimate superstar can win the NBA Championship, then, by all means back the Hawks at +5000. But if you don’t, forget it.

Dallas Mavericks +5000

The odds should be much higher on the Mavs than +5000. The roster isn’t good enough. Even De’Andre Jordan wouldn’t have put this team over the top. Dallas needs an exciting young player to take charge in the playoffs. It won’t be Dirk, that’s for sure.

Indiana Pacers +5000

If Paul George bounces back from last season’s injury, they’d have an outside shot to win it all. The key word is outside, meaning that you have to expect +6500 or higher before backing the Pacers.

Milwaukee Bucks +5000

If Jabari Parker turns into the next great NBA forward, this team actually makes some sense to be tough in the playoffs. But in order to back at the odds to win it all, Michael Carter-Williams is going to have to turn into the next great guard in the NBA.

Toronto Raptors +5000

Who is the go-to-guy on Toronto’s team?  Is it DeMarre Carroll? Is it DeMar DeRozan? Is it Kyle Lowry? Does it even matter?   

Washington Wizards +5000

John Wall is a legit superstar. But, the Wizards have nobody else on the team that’s going to help Wall. If the odds go up to +7500, consider backing only because they might make a blockbuster trade for a superstar to help J-Dub.

The Complete 2016 NBA Championship Odds

The Cavaliers are the odds-on favorites to win next season’s NBA championship, according to the Las Vegas SuperBook.

  • Cavaliers 9-4
  • Warriors 5-1
  • Thunder 5-1
  • Clippers 10-1
  • Spurs 12-1
  • Bulls 12-1
  • Hawks 20-1
  • Pelicans 20-1
  • Rockets 20-1
  • Wizards 30-1
  • Pacers 30-1
  • Grizzlies 30-1
  • Heat 30-1
  • Blazers 40-1
  • Mavericks 40-1
  • Knicks 80-1
  • Celtics 80-1
  • Bucks 80-1
  • Pistons 80-1
  • Jazz 80-1
  • Suns 80-1
  • Lakers 80-1
  • Nuggets 80-1
  • Kings 100-1
  • Nets 100-1
  • 76ers 200-1
  • Magic 200-1
  • Wolves 200-1
  • Hornets 200-1
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