Odds To Win The NBA Championship Headed Into Round Two

Odds To Win The NBA Championship Headed Into Round 2

The second round of the NBA playoffs gets going with interesting online basketball playoff betting matchups. With the early and un-expected exit of the San Antonio Spurs, the Golden State Warriors, led by MVP Steph Curry are the favorites coming out of the West, while LeBron & Co, without the services of Kevin Love, are still the favorites coming out of the East.

The Updated Odds To Win The NBA Championship Headed Into The Second Round

Golden State Warriors – 5/6

The Warriors battle the Grizzlies in Round 2. They sure looked like the best team in the NBA when sweeping New Orleans in the first round. The comeback in Game 3 was special. Golden State looks like they’ll march to the championship.

Cleveland Cavaliers – 7/2

Losing Kevin Love for the remainder of the season is a huge blow. Almost as bad is that the Cavs will be without J.R. Smith for the first 2 games of their second round series against Chicago. 7/2 are low odds on a team missing two key components of their offense. Also, who’s going to replace the boards that Love routinely grabs night in and night out?

Houston Rockets – 19/2

With James Harden, the Rockets will always have a shot to win games. The issue for Houston is that they come up against a supremely motivated and athletic team like the L.A. Clippers in Round 2. Like Cleveland, Houston is tough to back at the odds.

Chicago Bulls – 10/1

Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol and the rest of the Bulls have to be ecstatic that the Cavaliers are short-handed going into their second round matchup. Lebron won’t be able to do everything on his own. At this point, Chicago has no excuses. They should beat the Cavaliers in their Round 2 series.

Atlanta Hawks – 12/1

The 111 to 87 victory over Brooklyn in Game 6 was fantastic, but Atlanta has some serious flaws that either Chicago or Cleveland are likely to exploit. Who knows?  The way that Washington played in Round 1, Atlanta may not escape from Round 2.

Los Angeles Clippers – 12/1

The Clippers are the only team with a shot to beat Golden State. It’s unlikely that they’ll keep their 12 to 1 odds much longer if the odds haven’t changed already. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin make the Clippers the best pick after Golden State to win it all. 

Memphis Grizzlies – 40/1

Tough matchup versus Golden State in Round 2. The Grizzlies are a good team, but they can’t match Golden State’s speed on offense. 40 to 1 sounds about right.

Washington Wizards – 40/1

The defense was on full display versus Toronto in the first round. Washington has one of the best point-guards in the NBA in John Wall. They have a great shot at knocking off the Atlanta Hawks in Round 2. They probably won’t make it all the way, but they’re not the worst 40 to 1 shot I’ve ever seen.


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