NBA All Star Game

Odds to Win NBA All Star Game MVP

There are a handful of first timers to the league’s annual, mid-season pick-up game extravaganza but the superstars still hold sway with the best odds to win the NBA All Star Game MVP. The last six players to win the award have been Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Kobe (twice), Dwyane Wade, Shaq and LeBron in that order.

Who is best suited to put his name up in the rafters of All Star Game lore?

Kevin Durant (+300 odds to win NBA All Star Game MVP)

Everything is coming up Durant this season. The Oklahoma City Thunder are the best team in a dense Western Conference, KD is posting mercurial numbers and is on route to his first MVP award. It’s a terrifying thought, but Durant has taken his game to the next level and he continues to be all business all the time. He’s the type of scorer that can take complete advantage of this defenseless game, especially when matched up against the best-of-the-best. Durant routinely responds to his surroundings; the bigger the stage and the tougher the challenge, the better he plays.

LeBron James (+350 odds to win NBA All Star Game MVP)

LeBron can win this award anytime he wants to. Hell, he could win the Three Point, Dunk or Skills contests if he wanted to. But I don’t think James cares about the “sideshow” elements of his legacy. LeBron is just as prone to coasting in this game as he is to taking it over, but the only reason I wouldn’t take these odds is because I prefer the West to win the game.

Stephen Curry (+850 odds to win NBA All Star Game MVP)

Curry is a super attractive take for the All Star Game MVP. This is his first All Star berth and it’s very well deserved. I don’t love shooters to win this award in general, but if anyone can go lights out alongside Durant it’s Stephen Curry. Those two could put on an absolute clinic and if Curry finds his groove, he’ll steal the show.

Anthony Davis (+1000 odds to win NBA All Star Game MVP)

The book on Davis right now is that he’s simply not ready. He’s getting there, improving on a monthly basis, but the Pelicans are a mess and Davis is still about one or two seasons away from being the serious impact player we expect him to be. That happens quite often with big men. The only reason he gets a nod here is because he’s the hometown boy. Davis’s odds to win the NBA All Star Game MVP are worth a chip shot flier.

Paul George (+1200 odds to win NBA All Star Game MVP)

I’m actually more intrigued to see how George and James co-exist on the court together as intra-conference rivals who are destined for an Eastern Finals rematch. George probably has the best odds to win the All Star Game MVP in terms of value and payout probability outside of the two favorites.

The Longshots to Win the 2014 NBA All Star Game MVP

Dwyane Wade +2500

In an effort to constantly nurse his deteriorating mess of a body, Wade will probably sit this one out for great stretches of time than his backers would prefer.

DeMar DeRozan +7000

I’ve genuinely grown to appreciate DeRozan’s game, but the concern here is playing time. He’s stuck behind a litany of veterans that will get the nod before he does.

James Harden +2500

If he really wants to stick it to his former team and remind the Houston Rockets that he’s worth building around, Harden can go off in this game and cement himself amongst the greats of the present era. Again, Harden’s issue might be playing time but he could also thrive playing alongside Durant once again. He has the best longshot odds to win the NBA All Star Game MVP out of anyone on the board.

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