Opening Week NBA Expert Picks

Opening Week NBA Expert Picks

The 2016-2017 NBA Season starts this week! Can Oklahoma City take down Philadelphia on the road with Russell Westbrook as their unquestioned leader? How will the Lakers do at home against James Harden and Houston on Wednesday, Oct. 26? Will Boston prove to be as good as everyone expects them to be when they battle D-Wade and the Chicago Bulls on Thursday?  Keep reading for my NBA Picks of the Week!

Opening Week NBA Expert Picks

Oklahoma City at Philadelphia
When:  Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 8:00 pm ET
Where: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

Analysis: The Oklahoma City Thunder exclusively belongs to Mr. Triple Double, aka Russell Westbrook, this season. Some are crying in their beers while others are happy that Mr. Westbrook finally gets his shot to lead the Thunder.

OKC starts its season on Wednesday against the hapless Philadelphia 76’ers. There is nobody remotely close to being as talented as Westbrook on Philly’s roster. What’s worse is that Philly’s best player, rookie Ben Simmons, is out indefinitely with a broken foot.  

So, on one hand there’s Westbrook, Andre Roberson and Victor Oladipo. On the other hand, there’s Cat Barber, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. It doesn’t take a hand doctor to know which one is stronger.

Pick: Oklahoma City

Houston at Los Angeles Lakers
When:  Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 10:30 pm ET
Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

Analysis: The Lakers look to make some noise this season with big free agent pick-up Timofey Mozgov. Just so everyone reading this is clear, I mean to write that Mozgov is big, as in he’s 7’ 1” and weighs 275 pounds. As bad as the Lakers were, anybody to help is appreciated even if it is a player who ended up having one of the worst seasons in memory for a championship team last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In any case, the Lakers also have a young star in waiting in Duke’s Brandon Ingram. Ingram has a sweet stroke. The big problem is that for a kid that’s 6’ 9”, he’s awfully light at 190 lbs. Ingram doesn’t have the body to deal with Houston’s small forwards, much less the Rockets power forwards.

It should be a sad sight on Wednesday at the Staples Center. If Laker fans thought Kobe hogging the ball all those years was a bad thing, wait until they see nobody scoring while

The Beard, that’s James Harden, lights up the Lakers with 40 points.  

Pick: Houston

Boston at Chicago
When:  Thursday, Oct. 27 at 8:00 pm ET
Where: United Center, Chicago, IL

Analysis: Boston is a solid fourth choice at 18 to 1 to win the 2017 NBA Championship. Solid at 18 to 1, why, yes, of course!  What odds does anyone expect the Celtics to be after seeing Golden State sign Kevin Durant, the Spurs sign Pau Gasol, and defending champion Cleveland keeping their core intact?

If Boston is to be the powerhouse in the Eastern Conference that so many NBA analysts predict they’ll be, they must beat teams like the Chicago Bulls who should have a seriously down season after shelling out so much cash for guard Dwayne Wade so that they can put him in the backcourt with Jimmy Butler.

Wade has been in the league a long time. He’s an upgrade from the oft-injured Derrick Rose. But, D-Wade has slowed down tremendously. To make matters worse, the Bulls don’t seem to have much of a frontline. I mean, 7 of the players of the 14 on the team are guards.
Boston all the way.

Pick: Boston

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