Yes, it’s true… The Pelicans are in the post season!

The Pelicans are in the post season!

Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans

It came down to the last game of the regular season, Pelicans against the Thunder in New Orleans, as simple as can be… win and earn the 8th spot in the western conference playoffs, lose and go home yet again. Here they are, not only preparing for their debut in the post season but also to play the best team in the NBA, a team that won 22 more games than they did, top ranked Golden State. The Warriors will look to make a point as to why they are to be feared, I expect this to be a quick series, over in four games because of their over powering offense.

It is true, the last time these two teams meet; just a few weeks ago the Pelicans came away with their only win over the Warriors but in all honestly the Warriors were playing with their bench as none of the starters played more than the first quarter. Still it came down to a last minute shot that beat the buzzer and gave New Orleans the win. This Warriors team will look to unload in this opening round, showing off that they are not just a shooting team but that they can move the ball inside.
Yes, the Pelicans have Anthony Davis but he is only one guy, they just don’t have enough on either side of the ball or the bench for that matter to keep up with a team like Golden State with all their starters. On average they lost the three games against the Warriors by about 12 points and I think if they get it to within that it would be a mental victory for them. No experience, no veteran post season leadership they will rely only on their playing calling, something that has not worked all too well against ranked teams

This line will reflect a more then probable sweep, not something really worth taking in the series but look closely at the game lines, anything under -8 is a steal and you should take it right away.

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