New Orleans Vs Golden State NBA Playoffs Game 1 Odds & Pick

Philly is not going to go down without a fight

The 76ers were told that they were the worst team in the League this season without even having played a regular season game; they dumped their roster and really settled with the bare minimum for this season looking toward one of the best draft boards of the last decade. Golden State knows they came so close last season but they needed that extra bench depth that would have gotten them over the hump. Over the offseason they addressed that issue and feel stronger than ever now that they can compete with anyone from the West.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Golden State Warriors
The Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors meet on Monday in the NBA.
Starts: 11/04/2013 7:00PM
Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia has a great set of rookies with a few veterans around to really show them the way as they venture in a very long NBA season. Center Spencer Hawes is by far the leader and best player on this team, a seven footer that can shoot from almost anywhere on the floor as well as make free throws and drain three pointers that’s the reason the 76ers have stayed in these last two games, he has averaged 24 points a game while playing almost the entire game in both outings. Look for him to become a major factor in this game for Philly.

Golden State will look to move the ball up the court in their usual rushed offensive manner, they seem to have concentrated on a few defensive plays but it is still not their bread and butter, this team continues to battle point for point until the other team misses and they can take the lead. Stephan Curry has made a huge impact during the offseason with all the extra practicing but he will have to rely on his posts down low to feed the ball in and create for the potential three point play.

What to expect:

The Warriors are -8 in this game and I see them really bringing the 76ers back down to earth, the way they move the ball and their very quick shot offense makes for a very fast game, something that many teams have problems with because they cannot seem to slow it down. The Warriors attack the lane as well as much as they can with their perimeter players looking for the early foul, take the Warriors in this one; they will take it by 10+ points.

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