2014 NBA Championship Expert Picks

They Play Away From Home

Unlike most other teams the Raptors have actually banked on their road wins this season, they have played very well on the road, something that is un-command in this day in age NBA. Milwaukee has the worst overall record in the League as they have fallen to 14-60, wining only 9 games this season on their home floor. With the tight race right now between Toronto and Brooklyn the Raptors will need this win to stay ahead.

Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks
The Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks go head-to-head this Saturday in the NBA.
Starts: 04/05/2014 8:30PM
BMO Harris Bradley Center, 1001 N Fourth St.


The Raptors have turned this franchise around with pure heart and will power, they do not have that insane pay roll or that all-star player everyone talks about but I think that is what makes then so good. Like the Suns in the West every night someone new steps up, their opponents never really know who to double until it’s too late. That skill is not a everyday seem commodity and it will allow them to surprise a few people heading into this season´s playoffs.

Milwaukee is about to be hit with a nuclear bomb that will change everything about them. They need to look ahead to the future and really max out all chances they have both in the draft and free agency. They are not the most attractive market so they have to show them money first then build around. A big free agent and a good draft could really place this team back on the map I the East. This is the third game between the two and the Raptors have come out on top in the previous two.

Pick: As much as we all would love the see the Bucks get a win, especially o their home floor I don’t see it happening in this game, it´s too important for Toronto. Take the Raptors -7, this will be a game they will want to show their superiority.

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