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Wizares/Pacers & Clippers/Thunder NBA 2014 Playoff Game 5 Betting Options

We have a pair of home team picks for you in NBA playoff Game 5 betting on Tuesday as both Washington and Oklahoma City try to right the ship after giving up two monumental comebacks over the weekend.

NBA 2014 Playoff Game 5 Betting Options

INDIANA PACERS -5.0 over Washington Wizards (7pm EST)
The Indiana Pacers are 5 point favorites to close the series against the Washington Wizards this Tuesday.
Starts: 05/13/2014 7:00PM
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St.


There’s still a ton to like about Washington. They’re fast, gifted, can shoot the ball well and are able to tear up and down the court in transition with the best of them. The problem is that they don’t seem to have any significant game plan that can attack a suddenly rejuvenated Indiana Pacers defense. Playing Drew Gooden and Al Harrington seemed like wasted minutes, even if Nene and Marcin Gortat were pretty awful on Sunday.

The biggest question in NBA playoff Game 5 betting is whether Washington has the mental resolve to bounce back from Game 4. They built what felt like a humungous 17-point lead heading in to the half only to see it complete erased in the third quarter. It’s hard to prognosticate on what happened in that locker room: did they get too cocky? Did they think Indiana had rolled over? Are they just too inexperienced to know how to handle all this momentum they’ve been building?

I prefer to look the other way: I think they woke up a sleeping giant. The Pacers have always been a really good team, but they took everything for granted this season. When adversity hit them in the face, they didn’t know how to handle it. They thought they’d just “get over it”. Halftime of Game 4 will be the pivotal moment of Indiana’s season. Either they’re back in full force, they’ve gotten over whatever crippled them mentally and they end this series here and now…or it was a blip in time and Washington storms back to take this series in seven. Right now those feel like the only two possibilities.

I’m willing to give Indiana the benefit of the doubt one last time before the conference finals as we prepare for NBA playoff Game 5 betting on Tuesday night.

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER -5.5 Los Angeles Clippers (9:30pm EST)
The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers clash in a crucial game 5 this Tuesday.
Starts: 05/13/2014 9:30PM
Chesapeake Arena, 100 West Reno Avenue
Oklahoma CityOklahoma


One of the weirdest elements of this series is that the underdog has usually covered. The Clippers and Thunder have clashed six times in the last five months, and the dog has gone 5-1 ATS in those matchups. The betting line has also never hit six points, and has hovered around five points for most of the matchups. When the line on this matchup has been five points or greater, the dog is 3-1 ATS this calendar year.

After watching what Los Angeles accomplished under ridiculous circumstances in Game 4, it’s hard to believe that NBA playoff game 5 betting would lean so hard in Oklahoma City’s direction. But it is. Part of is that Oklahoma City is being backed heavily by basketball fans in general, despite the ongoing flurry of attention hat the Clippers are getting otherwise. The Thunder are also 4-1 ATS in their last 5 meetings with Los Angeles and are 3-0 ATS in the last three games.

All this being said, the disadvantaged Clippers deserve some attention in this matchup. I just don’t think that they have a real answer for the Thunder, who collapsed in Game 4 on the road and have the iron stomach and mental toughness to overcome such an instance. That’s why the Thunder are the better bet in NBA playoff Game 5 betting – they’ve been here before and aren’t going to let this series get away from them.

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