NBA Playoff Series Betting Odds – Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat 

NBA Playoff Series Betting Odds – Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat 

Since the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets were assembled, they have been begging for a matchup with the Miami Heat and that’s exactly what they’re getting in the second round. Unfortunately the NBA playoff series betting odds don’t favor them too kindly. Honestly, why would they?

When you boast the highest payroll in NBA history, you need to produce and that’s exactly what Brooklyn failed to do against a Toronto squad that had zero chance of busting in to the finals. They’re a great, up and coming team but they’re also wildly inexperienced, under-talented and poorly coached. The best shots that Toronto created were threes and lay-ups.

And Brooklyn still struggled mightily against them, nearly getting edged out by the heroics of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. I’m not saying Toronto is a bad team, but Miami is infinitely better than them. Brooklyn has been touting a size advantage all year long, and could barely use it to inflict damage on a Raptors squad that doesn’t have a credible big man to speak of (Jonas and Amir are on their way but not there yet). So why would you bother with Brooklyn’s NBA playoff series betting odds against the best team in the conference?

To put this in perspective, a Nets sweet over Miami pays out +7500. Their most likely scenario is a +1200 payout in 6 games. They’re also looking at a +2000 return for winning in seven games. Comparing those mammoth numbers to that of their opponents gives you some perspective of how this matchup is going to go.

Updated 2014 NBA Championship Odds

Miami 7-5 2-1
San Antonio 5-2 10-1
Oklahoma City 7-2 9-2
Indiana 6-1 10-1
L.A. Clippers 7-1 12-1
Brooklyn 25-1 12-1
Portland 28-1 80-1
Washington 35-1 125-1

The defending champions have much steeper NBA playoff series betting odds for a lot of well justified reasons. Their highest value is to beat the Nets in seven games at +500, while they oddsmakers are pegging a Miami victory in five games as the most likely scenario at +140. When you consider the massive public factor behind LeBron and Wade, along with their recent performances in the playoffs, it’s hard to argue with those numbers.

All this being said, Brooklyn can give Miami some serious problems. They have serious length, a ton of talent and the kind of leadership and playoff experience you need to topple a giant like LeBron James. Brooklyn’s NBA playoff series betting odds are also buoyed by the presence of Paul Pierce, a titanic player in the playoffs who has proven to be one of LeBron’s greatest rivals in the post season. Pierce is 11-9 SU when facing LeBron in the playoffs.

On paper, it’s easy to tout Brooklyn. Who knows if Joe Johnson is really as magnificent as he was against Toronto? He’s one of the best players in the world, and certainly one of the highest paid ever, but he hasn’t really done anything in his NBA career. He’s a ghost. Kevin Garnett seems to be running on borrowed time, but turned back the clock to a scary degree for a few moments in the first round. And what about Deron Williams? I mean what’s he managed to accomplish aside from getting Jerry Sloan to retire?

The truth is that you can talk me in to a lot of things when it comes to gambling. I can imagine Pierce and Garnett turning in to the animals that routinely haunted LeBron and Bosh early on in their careers. Joe Johnson could light himself on fire and torch Miami from range. Deron Williams could run over Mario Chalmers. I can see all of things happening. That’s what hype does to your brain.

The reality is quite simple: if Brooklyn had issues against Toronto, there’s no way they can compete with Miami. That’s why I prefer the NBA playoff series betting odds on the Miami Heat who are already favored by an alarming -7.0 points in their first matchup on Tuesday night. Kyle Lowry is one of the best point guards in the NBA, but he’s no LeBron James. When the King is unleashed on the machine constructed to defeat him, he will remind them who reigns supreme in the NBA.

NBA Playoff Series Betting Odds: Miami in 6 +350

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