Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards

The Pressure Is Back On The Shoulders Of Boozer

The Bulls are having issues all over the place and to think they were one of the favorites to come out of the East in the last two seasons, now they are yet again without the inured Derrick Rose and to make matters that much worse they decided to trade their leading scorer Luol Dang to the Cavs for nothing aside from the ability to clear room for next year’s draft and free agency. The Wizards are licking their lips at this game knowing they already beat them once this season.

Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards
The Chicago Bulls take on the Washington Wizards on a Friday Western Conference Matchup.
Starts: 01/17/2014 7:00PM
Verizon Center, 601 F Street NW,
Washington, DC


Chicago has decided to make their veteran power forward Carlos Boozer their man guy even after he was clear when he said that he was not that type of player anymore. The offense now runs through him and around him, no one else on that team as the ability to change the game or the momentum like he does. They need to be more aggressive under the rim and in their post game; they have to get back to being known as the insane defensive oriented team that no one wanted to play.

Washington leads 1-0 in this 3 game series and really put a hurting on the Bulls in their first game beating Chicago 102 to 88 in Chicago. This time around I think that the Wizards are going to push the ball up the floor knowing that the Bulls are an older team that will need to substitute more to keep fresh players on the court. I think the Wizards will play the 20-30 footers very well and take the Bulls out of their half court set early, Washing ton wins this game 94 to 78.

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